My BH Cosmetics Haul from July

Last month (July) I placed 3 orders on some BH Cosmetics because on all those 3 times certain products were on sale. (BH Cosmetics have a sale almost everyday so it’s worth checking their website now and then)

As I do with every post on BH products I would like to say that none of these products were sponsored by them and I’m not affiliated either. I purchased everything mentioned here except for the 3 items they sent for free (1 for each order) because they had that offer going on at that time.

Today I received my 3rd and last order from July (delivery times varied from 1.5 to 3 weeks) and I’m in makeup heaven right now! 🙂


Here’s a list of things I ordered:

  1. 36pcs Brush Set
  2. Colour lock matte lipsticks in Devotion, Faithful, Blissful, Dark Rose, Passionate, Loyal & Rapture
  3. Eyelash curler (free)
  4. Waterproof Lipliners in Retro, Brazen, Earth & Nude
  5. Creme Luxe Lipsticks in Forever Nude & Naked Peach
  6. Galaxy Chic palette
  7. Cosmetics pouch (free)
  8. Wild & Radiant palette
  9. Bombshell Blush in Delightful
  10. Flawless Brow Highlighter
  11. Waterproof Jumbo Concealer in Beige
  12. Floral Blush duo in Tulip (free)

Some of the products from this list have been already reviewed on this blog, so you can click on them to read the reviews.

My favourites from this haul: 

  • The 36pcs brush set, which I think is a STEAL for just US$30.00!
  • The Colour Lock Matte Lipsticks are my favourite lipsticks ATM
  • The Waterproof Liners are so great they lasted almost 12 hours
  • Galaxy Chic palette is my #1 favourite eyeshadow palette (2nd is ABH Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette)
  • Bombshell Blush is tiny in size but such a cute colour for everyday wear
  • Flawless Brow Highlighter makes such a difference to my eyebrows that it’s instantly become a daily essential!
  • Waterproof Concealer, because I’ve been looking for an affordable one for a long time and finally found it!

Apart from this haul, I have already done product reviews also from BH Cosmetics on:

I can’t wait to post all complete reviews here! They’re currently having a fall preview sale so don’t miss that out ladies!

Let me know which product I should review first!

See you soon!


Neth Mi

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