Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders in Marilyn & Lucy

My first ever purchase from Gerard Cosmetics happens to be one of their best sellers this summer. These highlighters are called Star Powders, which in opinion stay true to the name, and they come in 3 different shades:

  1. Audrey
  2. Marilyn
  3. Lucy

Each highlighter is currently selling at US$ 29.00 on their website. (Prices can change seasonally)

About a month ago, they had a crazy highlighter promotion on their website, called Power Couple, where you could purchase 2 of the highlighters (Marilyn & Lucy) for US$ 35.00 plus free worldwide shipping. Yes, you read it right… free worldwide shipping*!!!

Shipping: Gerard Cosmetics anyway ship worldwide for a reasonable charge. (I guess this is such happy news for everyone!)

Delivery: It took about a month for these to arrive, but considering the great amount I saved financially, I can’t really complain.

Packaging: I’m not quite happy about the outside packaging. (Again, no complain because of the promotion) But if you order it for the regular price, you’d expect these to come in a nice gold box similar to the container itself. My highlighters were just wrapped in purple tissue, so it isn’t the best packaging for international shipping. I hope they would improve it in the future.

The actual container is: A beautiful gold box (which gets scratched, though) and it is also quite lightweight. What I love about them is that they have a second transparent lid-kind-of-protector (attached to the pan so you won’t lose it) so that the highlight powders won’t dust everywhere.


Marilyn: Is pale gold with high pigmentation (pictured above) It appears a little too sparkly finish if you apply too much, but I like applying this with my Real Technique Fan Brush, because this brush picks up the right amount of product and applies in a way that gives more of satin finish. This is perfect for “Strobing” as well as regular highlighting.


Lucy: In the above picture is a beautiful rose gold that has similar pigmentation to Marilyn, but with a less sparkly finish. This can be used on top of a matte blush to make it a little shimmery, and the shade works well on medium to dark skin tones. Pale beauties can wear this alone as a shimmery blush more than a highlighter because it’s quite pigmented.


Do I recommend them? Yes. If you’re into strobing, get Marilyn or Audrey (or check other bloggers for Audrey) and if you have medium to dark skin you can definitely go for Marilyn or Lucy (Don’t forget that Lucy can be too colourful as a highlighter for very fair skin)

Which shade would you buy?

See you soon,


Neth Mi

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  1. […] GC Star Powder in Marilyn: I was a little skeptical about this highlighter when I first received it because it was quite shimmery to my taste, but when you use it sparingly it gives a beautiful dewy finish. Recommend using Real Technique Small Fan Brush 🙂 You can read my complete review on Marilyn and its sister shade Lucy here. […]


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