BH Cosmetics Colour Lock Matte Lipsticks Review & Swatches

I know a lot of people are not familiar with BH Cosmetics, because they retail only online. They have amazingly affordable makeup, which go on sale almost every day on top of the unbelievably low original price tag. If you are a makeup junkie just like me, and you’re looking for quality, quantity and affordability, BH Cosmetics is the number one site you should check up on a weekly basis. Almost every week they have some sort of promotion happening, so if you keep tabs on them, you will not only save some dollars but you’ll get some quality makeup too.

First of all, I’m not affiliated with BH Cosmetics and none of the products I mention here were sponsored by them. I bought all of these lipsticks for US$ 4.00 each (they were on sale at that time, and they’re currently retailing at US$ 5.00 each)

I generally love matte finish lipsticks because it can never overdo your makeup look. The problem is finding that perfect formula that doesn’t feel too drying or tacky on your lips. Some matte lipsticks can enhance the lines and dry patches on your lips, so even though everybody’s raving about matte lipsticks, it’s really difficult to find one that feels comfortable and look good at the same time.

I haven’t tried BH Cosmetics’ Colour Lock Matte Lipsticks before, but I decided to try 7 of their shades, because who can resist a lipstick at US$ 4.00?

I chose the following colours:


Their boxes are so cute:


Packaging of each lipstick is: Plastic with a transparent lid so you can easily see the colour of the lipstick. They don’t look too luxurious or too cheap either. I think the packaging is very cute, and it feels kinda sturdy too. I found it a little difficult to open them, but it’s a minor problem.

Lipstick bullets: Look pretty much like the Dior Addict lipsticks and I find the shape of this bullet to be very easy for application. Don’t twist it too much so the entire bullet is out, because this may lead it to breakage (as it happened to me on the shade “Faithful”)

I will write about each colour’s performance individually…


Passionate: Is an orchid-purple lipstick. This went on smoothly without any patchiness. Didn’t feel drying or uncomfortable either. Despite it being a true bright purple, this colour is wearable for everyday. Rating: 5/5

Blissful: Is the only colour I would not recommend you to buy out of the 7 shades I bought. It went on rather dry and patchy, and I wasn’t too happy about the colour either. Rating: 1/5

Devotion: Is a warm reddish brown that reminds me of the 90s lipstick shades. This was very pigmented, settled pretty fast and lasted the whole day (with a teeny bit of fading after eating & drinking) and I didn’t have to reapply after lunch. Highly recommend this colour if you’re looking for that perfect 90s lip colour. Rating: 5/5

Rapture: Is a deep, vampy rosewood that went very creamy and evenly on the lips. Not so much of drying as I expected (compared to MAC’s “Sin“, this was way less drying on the lips) Lasted the whole day with very minimal fading. Rating: 5/5

Faithful: Is a beautiful warm nude, that is the ultimate matte lipstick for everyday wear. It was creamy and settled smoothly. Rating: 5/5

Loyal: Is a bright pink with a yellow undertone. This had the smoothest application compared to the rest of the lipsticks. Don’t be intimidated by the colour, because this won’t make you look like Nicki Minaj. Perfect shade for summer. Rating: 5/5 (Can I give it 6/5?)

Dark Rose: Stays so true to the name. It’s a beautiful dark red that went really smooth on the lips. Rating: 5/5

Overall pigmentation: Was superb in all of the above colours except Blissful.

Consistency: Was good, and the application was easy because of the smooth texture. It wasn’t as drying as MAC matte lipsticks.

Wear time: These lippies are hard to remove, so you’ll need some good makeup remover to take them off, again except Blissful, which stained my coffee cup and removed very easily (the others didn’t leave any stains) They lasted close to 7-8 hours and even after removing with makeup wipes you could still see a faint tint on my lips.

Do I recommend these? Yes. Keep checking BH Cosmetics for amazing sales. Even if they are not on sale, their original price is US$ 9.00 per lipstick, but they’re sold around US$ 5.00 most of the time. I recommend all above colours except Blissful because for US$ 5.00 (or even at 9.00) they’re totally worth buying. I would definitely repurchase them.

Many of you’ve been asking me how to get these. Check out their website and they deliver worldwide.

I hope this review helped you,

I will see you soon with a highly requested review on Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit- Light to Medium post!


Neth Mi

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  1. loved dark rose and loyal ! *_ * I never knew BH cosmetics were really afffordable until now! great post xx


    1. Thank you hun 🙂 Yes not many people know about it… so get some BH soon 😉

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  2. I am searching for a new lipstick so this post is perfect for me! – Seri from

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