Sephora Colourful Shadow & Liner in Violet

After a long Week With Semi Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar, I’m finally going to talk about a different eye makeup product. Let’s give a chance to Sephora today…

Apart from being everybody’s favourite makeup department store, I feel like Sephora’s own makeup line needs more recognition that it already has. I’ve talked about this before in my review on their new Shimmering Bronzing Powder in Trip To Haiti. While everybody’s raving about new limited edition makeup from brands like MAC that sometimes don’t even have the quality they promise except for their lovely packaging (I love MAC, don’t get me wrong) brands like Sephora stand silently in front of you with excellent quality for the price you pay, waiting for you to come to them.

Today I’m talking about their Colourful Shadow & Liner in shade Violet. I love purple liners and eyeshadows because they really compliment the little bit of brown I have in my eyes. While I have a considerable number of purple eyeshadow, I still wanted to grab this little fellow at Sephora because I felt like it could be a good dupe for Chanel’s Summer 2015 Limited Edition Stylo Eyeshadow in Campunale, which retails for a whopping US$34.00


Now I don’t have a swatch of Campunale (because I did’t buy it) but I’m certain Sephora’s Violet comes pretty closer to that. (Campunale had a bit more red in it)

Sephora Colourful Shadow & Liner retails at: US$14.00

It boasts 12-hour wear time, which is: Actually true. It lasted more than that on me without any creasing when I used it as a shadow on top of primer.

It sets pretty fast: You have to be a little fast with your application & blending because they DO NOT MOVE at all, once it’s set.

Pigmentation is: Crazy! You can see the swatches below


Is it really waterproof: YES. See image below. You need a lot of waterproof makeup remover to get this bad boy off.


Colour is: A beautiful violet with a blue undertone. Satin Finish.

In other words: This lasts a very, very long time and is easy to blend if you’re quick. The colour is stunning and is perfect for a quick makeup look in the summer time.


Here’re some comparison swatches with 3 of my favourite blue/purple eyeshadows:


As you can see Sephora’s Violet is quite similar to MakeupGeek’s foiled eyeshadow in Center Stage mixed with MakeupGeek’s foiled eyeshadow in Caitlyn Rose. The colour intensity of Sephora’s Violet is, however, on the higher side compared to the foiled eyeshadows. And MakeupGeek shadows are not waterproof as you can see from the image below:


You can check my complete review on MakeupGeek’s Masquerade foiled eyeshadow here.

Do I recommend this? Hell, yes! How can you resist a product with excellent pigmentation that retails at such an affordable price? There are 32 colours in this range that are totally worth checking!

See you soon,


Neth Mi

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