A Week With Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar: Monday Look

By now you all know I’m addicted to eyeshadows, don’t you? I keep buying palettes and singles almost every week and recently I was rearranging my vanity and realised that I haven’t been paying much attention to certain palettes! There, I decided to give each palette a chance to appear on my lids for a whole week… So starting that game today with Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar 🙂

I bought this about 2 months ago and did a complete review and swatch post here. I love this palette to bits and pieces because it’s so versatile and easy to work around! It IS a little overhyped too… but I want to show you its versatility here, plus it’s fun for me to play with my makeup for blog posts!!!

As today is Monday, I went for a peachy day-time appropriate smokey eye (that’s totally okay for any place/occasion in my opinion)

I don’t like to apply 10 different colours on my lid, because who has time to do all that blending in the morning, right? I’m using only 4 handpicked shades here:



Application is very easy…

First Step: Apply your eye primer. (I use ELF eyelid primer)


Step Two: Take a soft dome brush like the one in the picture and pick Peanut Butter to apply right on the crease. Do a few swipes back and forth till you see some colour building up.

Step Three is to: Take a flat synthetic brush (or use your finger) to apply Bon Bon all over the lid up to the crease. Bon Bon is a beautiful buttery shimmer shade that lightens up your eyes instantly.

Fourth Step: Highlight the brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes with Butter Pecan, the shimmery highlighter shade on the palette. To highlight inner corners, you can use a small pencil brush like shown in the picture.

Last step: Take a short and flat stiff brush (like the one I use from BH cosmetics) and load up Licorice. Apply this as close as possible to your lash line instead of gel or liquid liner. Go back to the soft dome brush and blend it smoothly so that it gives a very soft-focused smokey eye.


Optional steps: You can apply your favourite mascara and choose whichever lipstick shade you like, depending on how natural or bold you want to look. I chose a nude lip here because that’s my favourite look altogether 🙂

(Other key products used here: BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow palette-Light to Medium, MAC Matte Bronze, MakeupGeek Blush in Spellbound, BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Trio-Medium, MAC lipliner-Boldly Bare)

Stay tuned to see Tuesday Look tomorrow 🙂

See you soon!


Neth Mi

p.s.  I have a pending post on Fall Couture 2015 roundup… Still working on that so keep an eye on that too (You can see my post updates on @nmstylefolder or subscribe on email)

5 responses to “A Week With Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar: Monday Look”

  1. great post! I liked your pictures with tips to achieve the look.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like them 🙂


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