NARS Christopher Kane Blush: Starscape helps you escape to the stars of the makeup universe!

When two extraordinary brands get together, you can expect pretty phenomenal results, right? That’s what’s happening here with NARS’ Limited Edition summer release, which they did with one of the biggest names in the fashion industry: Christopher Kane…

IMG_5669If you don’t know about Christopher Kane, he’s a British fashion designer based in London who is famous for using fearless colour palettes and edgy prints on his runway collections… Check out his fashion work at

I get so excited whenever I see a fashion designer collaborate with a makeup brand/artist because the outcome is always unexpectedly better. I must say Christopher Kane for NARS has to be one of my favourite such collabs, as the entire collection was edgy but well-thought that has a product for everyone, and it fits brilliantly into both labels’ signature styles. If you haven’t seen the complete collection, check it out here (some products are sold out online)

There’re two blushes in this collection. The one made for those fierce ladies is Starscape, which is the brightest and the truest pink blush I’ve ever seen! It’s so much brighter than it shows online. It actually reminds me of those pink highlighter pens we had at school. The other blush is for the fainthearted, and it’s called Silent Nude, which I think is more of a highlighter for us medium skin girls. (It could work on you as a blush if you’re very, very pale)

If you had to buy just one piece from this collection, I think it’s either Starscape or Outer Limits. (Depends whether you’re more of a blush-girl or an eyeshadow-girl. If you’re both, go ahead and splurge on both, because they ARE worth it!)

I’m actually an eyeshadow-girl, but I have so much of eyeshadow, I sometimes even forget what I have, plus I was on a budget, so I decided to buy only Starscape because it was calling my name!!

IMG_5651NARS is a brand that hardly changes the packaging, but I like it as it is, because it is a no-nonsense brand that has excellent quality products that you really don’t care about the boring black rubbery packaging with the minimalistic branding. The packaging on this collection has the same black rubber but the letters are in metallic fuchsia, which I think is a good change without going overboard.
 IMG_5646Now, this is an intimidating shade, isn’t it? But the specialty about NARS is that all of their products (almost every product I’ve tried) are pretty easy to work with, and they last a long, long time. This blush is surprisingly wearable. Let me show you!
See how bright it is on the pan? It actually stays true to the pan colour…
IMG_5658You can see 3 types of swatches I made on the back of my hand:
  1. One Swipe- Light Application (This is my preferred method to apply this blush. I want my blush to be extremely subtle, so if you’re like me, all you have to do it just touch the pan with the tip of the bristles (do not use kabuki brushes!!!) and it’s enough to apply on one cheek with a very light hand. Just apply it in light, swirling motions.)
  2. One Swipe- Heavy Application (If you want your blush to be more noticeable, press the brush on to your skin and do the swirling.)
  3. Two Swipes- Heavy Application (Two swipes are seriously enough to get the maximum opacity and brightness for this blush. All you need to do is press and swirl the brush on your cheeks and you’ll get bright, bright pinky cheeks in an instant.)
 In the below picture you can see how wearable this blush is:
Price: US$30.00
Consistency: Finely milled powder with brilliant pigmentation. This is a matte blush and it doesn’t fade until about 6-7 hours of application.
Application: Should be light-handed with a low-density blush brush. No kabukis allowed 😉
Is it worth the price? Yes. This is such a unique colour that’s kinda intimidating at first sight, but works as fine as any other good high-end blush.
Is it a must-have? If you are a collector, YES! If you love only high-end makeup, YES! If you buy only drugstore products and you’re on a budget, you may want to consider this because it’s guaranteed that this blush will never run out of product as you need a teeny bit for application. It has good value for the price, but I leave it up to you if you are on a budget.
The other products on this collection are worth checking out too… I didn’t have much time to spend at Sephora as I was on a tour, but I loved the 4 lip glosses, particularly Mezmer. Don’t forget to check Outer Limits (a beautiful iridescent rose gold) and Parallel Universe (Iridescent pink lilac & soft violet) if you love eyeshadow. They are highly pigmented and super duper shiny!
Have you bought any thing from this collection?
I will see you soon with another bright pink product from MAC. (Can you guess it?)
Neth Mi

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