MAC Wash & Dry: Hot/Cold, Tumble Dry & Matte Bronze review & swatches

As promised, here is the review for the few pieces I managed to buy from MAC Wash & Dry collection…

I was pretty late to step into a MAC store (we don’t have MAC here in Sri Lanka) so most of this beautifully packaged collection was sold out, pretty much everywhere in Europe. (I checked in Paris, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Milan & even Doha airport) I had my mind set to buy the limited edition lipstick Steam Heat but it was sold out everywhere I checked… (it’s still available on e-bay, but I’m not too excited to pay extra on eBay)

So if you’re late just like me, I have picked a few things that may be still available in your local MAC store, and this review could help you decide… Here’s what I picked:


1. Tumble Dry lipstick (A light peachy coral shade in Lustre finish)- Limited Edition

2. Hot/Cold lipglass (A true red according to MAC website)- Limited Edition

3. Matte Bronze (According to MAC website it’s a bare shouldered bronze)- This shade is permanent but you can get it on this Limited Edition Wash & Dry packaging just like I did…


So first things first…

Tumble Dry



After seeing the annoying little sticker “Sold out” on almost all the products on the Wash & Dry display, I had to decide fast on the few things that were available in stock… I never wanted to buy Tumble Dry because I don’t think it’s a very unique colour to be in a limited edition collection… But with a heavy heart, I purchased it because it looked kinda okay on my lips and it’s a very wearable shade in a gorgeous, attention-seeking packaging.

Isn’t the packaging absolutely gorgeous? I really wish Steam Heat was still available though… (If Steam Heat is still available in your local MAC store, you don’t need to think twice, seriously!)

I am a fan of lustre finish, so I like this. But I have to say this in simple words: It’s not a GREAT shade tbh… It’s not a must-have. It’s just an okay shade for me. 

Price: 20.50€

Consistency, Pigmentation & Lasting Power: Same as all other lustre finish lipsticks from MAC. Pulls off a few dry spots and applies uneven, but settles evenly after a while. This is very, very transparent so you need at least 4-5 swipes to see some colour. May look pale on darker skin tones. As all lustre lipsticks, this didn’t last more than 3 hours, so you’ll need this in your purse for sure (I really don’t mind that because it’s a such a beautiful tube) 🙂

Do I recommend this? It’s like 25/75 😛

25% yes, if you like Lustre finish and prefer an everyday peachy shade and you have fair to medium skin AND you don’t mind splurging a little extra for the beautiful packaging without bothering to look for a dupe.

75% no, if you have a darker skin tone and do not like lustre finish and do not see the packaging to be reasonable enough to buy a not-so-unique shade like this…




I generally love MAC lipglass, (despite them being extremely sticky) because they last a long time. Hot/Cold is a true red according to MAC, but I think otherwise. I think it’s a bright blue-red with a hint of raspberry. Hot/Cold is a limited edition shade that in my opinion is worth buying. It wasn’t sold out anywhere, so you can still grab one of these at a MAC store* or online*.

Price: 20.50€

Consistency, Pigmentation & Lasting Power: Are same as any other MAC lipglass. It is very sticky and opaque (in one stroke up & down) and lasted around 3-4 hours. Now this will surely leave marks on your coffee cup, so keep that in mind.

Do I recommend this? Yes. This would look stunning on any skin tone. (This is absolutely gorgeous with the MakeupGeek new eyeshadows Desert Sands and Baby Face as shown in the pic. Review for those two eyeshadows will come up next week)

Matte Bronze


This is a permanent bronzer that is available in the regular MAC packaging if you don’t want to spend extra for limited edition packaging.

Price: 28.50€ (Regular packaging retails at 26.50€)

Consistency, Pigmentation & Lasting Power: It is a very smooth pressed powder bronzer and has a neutral undertone to it, which makes it suitable for contouring too. Pigmentation was average compared to the Sephora bronzing powder I bought and reviewed here. But the average pigmentation works okay for me because it makes it easy to build it up. I use my Real Technique Sculpting Brush to apply this because the bristles are densely packed so it gives a better colour payoff on the cheeks. I love the colour of this bronzer and it is really matte (obviously!) This lasted around 7-8 hours before fading.

Do I recommend this? Only if you don’t mind the extra 2 Euros just for packaging yes. But there are many other drugstore and afforadable bronzers out there that has better performance.

Here are the swatches of all 3 under natural light (indoors)


Under natural light (outdoor)


So that’s the little review on what I bought…

I also made swatches of the sold out products as well as the ones I didn’t pick. (The store was too packed to take photographs but there are ton of other bloggers who have pictures of swatches)

So about the stuff I didn’t/couldn’t buy: Steam Heat was the only one I liked (but unfortunately sold out) and from the eyeshadow Trios, I thought Green Clean looked a teeny bit unique because of the acid green shade. I wasn’t intrigued by the two blushes and the highlighter was the worst highlighter I have ever seen though that was the first to be sold out on the website. The brow gels and liners were okay, but not special enough to pay extra for.

Overall thoughts: I LOVED the packaging, but I’m not quite satisfied by the quality of the products and I feel like MAC has only focused on packaging this time. The only two products I absolutely loved were Steam Heat and Hot/Cold. If you couldn’t get your hands on this collection, don’t be sad because I think you didn’t miss anything except for packaging, but that’s just so hollow.

Keeping my fingers crossed for their next summer collection (I loved Alluring Aquatic from last year)

I’ll see you guys soon with something to do with Christopher Kane and NARS 😀 And I promise that’s gonna be a totally positive review!


Neth Mi

*- Subject to availability

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