Sephora Shimmering Bronze Powder in Trip To Haiti (Medium) swatches & review

Hi Beauties!

It’s been two long weeks since I posted something here but don’t get bored already, ’cause I have a whole bagful of new makeup and other stuff to share with you guys in the next few weeks!

As summer is officially here, let me begin with a nice affordable bronzer!

So I stepped in to the Sephora in Champs Elysées last week, and boy, it took my breath away! (Have you been to that Sephora, by the way? Well, it’s still aisles and aisles of makeup just like in most other big Sephora branches, but this one has red carpets and mirrors and it’s so jam packed with beautiful French ladies and their cute & well-groomed pups in harnesses that takes makeup shopping to a whole new level. I honestly had a Harry-Potter’s-first-time-in-Diagon-Alley-kinda moment there. Just google for images if you haven’t visited that particular branch.)

Okay… now let’s talk about the product. This is a new release from Sephora (I’m not sure if it’s limited edition. Please comment below if you know 🙂 ) And it is Shimmering Bronze Powder in the colour Trip To Haiti (for medium skin)


Packaging: Comes in a nice black round compact with a beautiful motif printed on the top.

Price: 15.50€

Here is the gorgeous product:


The product comes with an embossed motif (same as the print on the packaging) in 3 different colours. These 3 colours are impossible to pick individually, but I made some swatches for you guys below just to see the different tones in the compact:


Trip to Haiti has: a peachy pink, a light nude and a warm nude that makes a beautiful bronzy colour when you swirl them all together. It is very, very warm, so I hardly need any blush to go with this product.

Pigmentation is: Very high. It is so buttery smooth and applies evenly on the skin.

Lasting time: Was very impressive. It lasted almost all day (about 9-10 hours in beautiful Parisian summer. I have yet to check how it reacts in hot and humid weather in the tropics where I live. I will probably do an update on that later.

Here I am, wearing Sephora Shimmering Bronze Powder in Trip to Haiti paired with Wet ‘n Wild’s Rosé Champagne highlighter:


Overall experience: Is very satisfying. This is my favourite bronzer at the moment because it’s so easy to apply and goes well with my skin tone. You can check out the other two shades made for fair and dark skin tones at Sephora, though I haven’t seen this in the US website yet. (I don’t know if this was exclusive to some countries/regions- I know it’s available in Dubai and Paris 🙂 )

Do I recommend this? Yes of course. I’ve always loved Sephora powders and this an improved bronzing powder for an affordable price. I love the embossed motif too. It’s a perfect bronzer for summer, and is well worth the price in my opinion.

Let me know if you’ve seen this in your local Sephora so it could be helpful to other beautiful readers too 🙂

Next up is some products I’ve picked from MAC’s summer release: Wash & Dry…. Stay tuned!

See ya!


Neth Mi


10 responses to “Sephora Shimmering Bronze Powder in Trip To Haiti (Medium) swatches & review”

  1. I think sephora has really upped their came when it comes to the actual product imprinting and presentation I love it

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    1. Yes I totally agree 🙂


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  3. I have literally just bought this and I’m in love with it!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh I’m excited for you! I know fell in love with it instantly 🙂 Have fun 😉

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