BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow Palette Review

BH Cosmetics is one of the most affordable brands that caters good quality makeup that makes you wonder how they can sell them for such a low price. If you haven’t checked their website, do so, because they have amazing discounts, promotions, sales practically throughout the year. They ship worldwide too, at a very reasonable price. I ordered the Flawless Brow Trio kit in Medium & their 11pc polka dot brush set just to check the quality, shipping, etc…

My package was a little delayed (which happens in international shipping) and got it in about 5 weeks and during that time I waited for my package (you know how hard it is!!) I saw a few YouTube gurus talk about BH Cosmetics’ Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow Contouring Kit. I wanted to order it immediately, but at the same time I was a little too nervous to order from their own site because I was already waiting for a package from them. Then I saw that this palette was available at for US$15.00 (currently selling at US$11.95 at and you know the rest, I placed an order on the spot 🙂

Now I haven’t seen a lot of reviews on this palette, which is a shame because it’s such a gorgeous affordable contour kit. I feel like it’s yet another unsung hero in the makeup universe. You wanna know why? Scroll down 🙂

There’re two variations of this palette. One is for Light-Medium skin tones and the other for Medium-Dark skin tones. I got the one in Light-Medium.

Ok so first of all we talk about packaging everyday, right?

IMG_3752 copy

The packaging is: very travel friendly, as it is a compact cardboard box that shuts by a magnet. It’s very slim and sleek and fits into a medium size handbag very easily. (That is if you want a bit of touch up on the go, which I do most of the time because I run out of time in the mornings)

IMG_3753 copy

There are 5 face powders inside, which include:

IMG_3754 copy

IMG_3805 copy

Softlight: A finely milled pale yellow shade, which is pretty similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Banana shade. This colour can be used just like ABH Banana shade to set your concealer/cream highlighters under the eyes. I used my Real Technique Setting Brush from the sculpting set to apply this in sweeping motions under the eyes. It helped set the concealer and blurred the imperfections around my eye area. This shade gives the right amount of colour without much effort.

Exposed: Is the shimmery highlighter shade in the palette. It’s a cool tone champagne pink highlighter, which leans more towards a silvery finish when you apply it on the high points of your cheekbones. This is highly pigmented and super powdery so you have to be careful with your application to avoid too much shine. I used Real Technique Fan Brush from the sculpting set and used a very light hand to gently brush some product on the cheekbones.

Blushing: Is a shimmer finish medium rosy-pink blush, but the shimmer isn’t too noticeable when it’s applied. This is very pigmented too, so use a soft fluffy brush that has less density and apply with a light hand. I use the blush brush that came with BH Cosmetics 11pcs polka dot brush set.

Lust: Is the first contour shade in the palette that has a matte finish. This colour reminds me of MAC’s Harmony blush, which also doubles up as a contour shade for me sometimes. Lust is lighter than MAC’s Harmony, and it’s a neutral contour shade with a hint of rose. This is high in pigmentation too (The entire palette is highly pigmented) so again, you’ll need a soft brush with less density to apply this.

Untamed: Is a cool tone chocolate brown that had a lot of fallout, but applied very smoothly on the skin. However, this colour can look pretty muddy if you use a heavy hand or a sculpting brush. Use a soft brush, again with less density, and roll up the brush towards the blushing area to blend it as you apply, so you won’t have any harsh lines. If you’re careful with your application, this gives a beautiful contour to your face. (But this shade is too muddy to contour your forehead. Lust is a better option for that.)

IMG_3857 copy

Overall, this palette gives a very natural contour to your face, if you use the correct brush with the correct technique. (What I mean is that this palette needs a very light hand with soft brushes and a little bit of practice because of the high pigmentation. If the lines are too harsh or muddy you can use a stippling brush and blend, blend, blend!)

Wear time: The blush and contour lasted about 5 hours of running around, doing errands in hot, humid weather but the highlighters lasted about 7-8 hours before fading. Now this is why I said the travel-friendly packaging that fits into your handbag can come in handy, because you might need some touch-ups after lunch or afternoon tea. That being said, my face still looked fresh even without retouching (I didn’t look as lifeless as I look when I wake up in the morning.) Only the blush and contour was less visible by midday.

Do I recommend this palette? Yes. It’s a nice (and very affordable) palette with blush, highlight and contour all-in-one place so it’s quite handy for frequent travellers. It’s also great if you prefer a very natural contour everyday. It’s quite office-appropriate and I recommend it if you’ve just started collecting makeup like me. The price is very attractive too. It’s not a must-have palette, but it certainly is an unsung hero, because when you apply it right, it gives the most gorgeous natural finish to your face.

I hope this review helped you. If you already own this palette, let me know your thoughts in the comments section. (You can also check out one of my fav beauty gurus in YouTube: Casey Holmes as she uses this palette a lot in most of her tutorials including this one.)

I will write about my BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Trio in my next post…

See you soon,


8 responses to “BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow Palette Review”

  1. I really like the name. Contouring isn’t a regular thing for me, so it’s good to find cheap alternatives for the days I want to try it

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    1. Same here 😊 I love how this gives a very natural finish xx


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