Masquerade, Charmed & Fortune Teller foiled eyeshadow from MakeupGeek’s new release

Hi beauties!!

So here’s the much awaited MakeupGeek’s new foiled eyeshadow review…

If you don’t know about MakeupGeek, please check her YouTube channel for a dose of beauty tuition 🙂 I must thank my fellow Beauty Blogger/Makeup BFF Nisha for introducing me to MakeupGeek cosmetics and her channel. I got to swatch some of the foil eyeshadows from MakeupGeek when we met to do a photoshoot and I was saying “Oh my god” every time I tried a new colour on the back of my hand. The pigmentation was crazy and I couldn’t wait to have my own stash of these foiled shadows!!!

The best part of MakeupGeek is that they deliver worldwide at affordable rates. Go ahead and check her site:

As soon as I saw she has released 10 eyeshadows, I immediately placed an order on 3 of them… (I so wanted to order all 10, but I wanted to test the delivery and everything so I ended up picking only 3, which was a pretty hard decision to make as all of the new shadows looked sooooooo good!)

I picked: Masquerade, Fortune Teller and Charmed.

It was delivered within 2-3 weeks in a cute little box with her logo sticker as a seal. Each pan costs US$9.99 and comes packed individually.

Here are the 3 individual foiled eyeshadow pans:

IMG_3431 copy

First of all, let me tell you that the colour pay-off is I.N.S.A.N.E!!!! Can I repeat? IT’S INSANE

These are the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve ever seen in my life! You guys know I love eyeshadow and I collect them. I’m currently on a mission to collect all MakeupGeek eyeshadows!

I haven’t applied a primer on the 2 pictures below:

IMG_3438 copy

That’s how much you get in JUST ONE SWIPE. Yes, one swipe.

And here’s how it applied on the back of my hand:

IMG_3439 copy

I don’t think I have a lot to write about these shadows. They’re “just so good” in plain, simple English. Because I wanted to see how they lasted when applied on the eyelids (with primer, because it might crease without one) I applied each colour separately on 3 different days just as a mono shadow.

Fortune Teller:

IMG_3592 copy

The brightest, yellowest gold eyeshadow you can ever find in the market, in my opinion. This beautiful gold reminds me of the chunky jewellery that women of South Indian descends wear… It’s extremely bright and shiny, but at the same time it’s a seriously wearable colour. You might hesitate before buying it, but trust me, you’ll love this colour! I love using it all over the lid just like shown in the picture above. (For an orangey gold colour, check Untamed on the same range)


IMG_3624 copy

Ok, I went a little Janice from Friends over this eyeshadow: “OH.MY.GOD!”

Girls, this is the craziest purple ever! It’s a warm toned true medium purple with a hint of reddish undertones when you apply on the lids. This had slightly less (the tiniest bit less, though) pigmentation than Fortune Teller, but it is super build-able. If you don’t like crazy bright purple lids you can just touch your lids with your ring fingers with a little bit of this product, or you can go gaga with layers and layers of Masquerade, and it just gets better. (If you prefer a more blue-toned purple, check Caitlyn Rose from the same range)


IMG_3678 copy

I wasn’t really planning to buy this shade, because I usually steer away from pastel shades. But I changed my mind when I saw MakeupGeek’s Ultra Violet Nights makeup tutorial, when she used this on the centre of her lids with Masquerade on inner and outer corners. (I’ve tried that look and I will upload it on my next post) Charmed is a gorgeous cool toned silvery pale olive shade. I can’t normally pull off a cool toned eyeshadow without it making my entire face look ashy, but this worked so well! It’s an amazing shade to apply on your lids.

Here are all three colours together:

IMG_3691 copy

Pigmentation: Excellent! 10/10

Fall-outs: None

Wear-time: about 10-11 hours on top of primer. It would’ve lasted longer if I didn’t take it off in the night 😛

Application: You can use stiff synthetic brushes to apply these. I also liked applying with fingers.

Final thoughts: These foiled eyeshadows are a must-have for any beauty junkie! Even if you’re not, you need these in your life, girl! They’re so worth for $9.99 compared to many other single eyeshadows in the market. The quality is what you can expect from a high-end brand that’s given at an affordable price. This is a price tag that makes sense.

So go ahead, make your order now and become an instant MakeupGeek fan!

Good luck shopping!


Neth Mi

8 responses to “Masquerade, Charmed & Fortune Teller foiled eyeshadow from MakeupGeek’s new release”

  1. I NEED Fortuneteller in my life! What a perfect gold! ❤

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    1. It is so beautiful! My pictures don’t do justice 😊

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