Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Review & Swatches

So I finally got myself into the chocolatey-makeup madness… I’m so freaking late, but you’re never too late to buy makeup, isn’t it?

Ever since Too Faced launched Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, I was dying to get my hands on it, so finally it was available for affordable worldwide delivery at (Unfortunately we don’t have a Sephora or any department store that sells these type of brands in Sri Lanka yet, so we wait with bated breath till some online store ships these out worldwide.)

This palette is priced US$ 49.00 at Too Faced website, but I purchased this from BeautyBridge for US$ 52.00 (I did not mind a little bit for paying extra considering how long I had to wait for this!) and with shipping to Sri Lanka it was somewhere around US$ 63.00 (Not a bad deal actually, since this was the fastest way to get this palette here as none of my friends living abroad was coming back anytime soon!)

I got my package in exactly 20 days and very happy about their doorstep delivery…

Here’s the packaging… (Surely you’ve seen this like a million times on YouTube and other blogs, but I simply couldn’t help sharing the excitement!)


The packaging is: The usual Too Faced Metal container with a magnetic closure. It feels a little bulky, but that doesn’t made me dislike it at all. It is lighter in shade than the original Chocolate Bar.

Here’s the infamous palette:


The chocolate smell: As you open it the sweet aroma of chocolate hits you so delicately. Now, a lot of girls have said there’s nothing so cool about this palette smelling like chocolate, and that it’s not really a selling point. I agree it’s not a selling point, but seriously, who wouldn’t want their makeup to smell like chocolate??? I don’t complain about the smell at all! Actually I love it and it’s such a change from typical rose-scents you get from some cosmetics. It’s definitely a bonus point in my opinion 🙂

Let’s try some swatches:

IMG_3445 1

At a glance: You see that it’s yet another palette full of warm browns with the exception of that blue shade. (Blueberry Swirl really steals the scene, doesn’t it?) But when you really look into it, you realise that this is a well-balanced palette of mattes and shimmers as well as good mix of cool-tone and warm-tone browns.

Performance of each shade:

Licorice: Is a matte black with high pigmentation. This had quite a bit of fallout though, so I suggest you apply your concealers later.

Coconut Crème: Is a matte off-white highlighter with good pigmentation. This gives a really nice wash of base from eyelid to brow bone. This is my favourite highlighter from the 2 highlighter shades (The other one is Butter Pecan)

Nougat: Is a matte dusty-rose shade that has sort of poor pigmentation. I was very worried because this didn’t apply well even with a primer on. I have MAC’s NW25-NW35 skin tone (I’m between those shades right now) so I believe it doesn’t show much because of my medium skin. But it is noticeable when you finish the whole look of your eye makeup. This is a good transition shade for fair ladies.

Truffle: Is a matte warm-brown shade with good colour payoff. I love this shade to contour the crease.

Hot Fudge: Is a shimmery neutral taupe. Very good pigmentation, and it gives a satin finish.

Cocoa Chilli: Is a deep shimmery warm-brown with noticeable gold shimmer particles. It’s a beautiful colour and one of my favourite shades of the entire palette that applies really smooth.

Pink Sugar: Perhaps the most complained-over shade from the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar. This is a pink-gold glittery shade that’s supposed to add some sparkle on your lids whenever it is necessary. It’s a little hard to work with this but I honestly love this shade. I think it’s a fun addition to the whole palette and I didn’t have so much difficulty applying this with my BH cosmetics flat stiff brush. (See how noticeable the pink shimmer is on the pic below)


Puddin’: Is the cool-tone cousin of Truffle. It’s a matte shade and great for transitioning.

Blueberry Swirl: This star-at-a-glance shade wasn’t such a star at its performance. It had poor pigmentation, but it was build-able. The colour was lovely but I wish it had more pigmentation. I suggest you apply this with your ring finger on to the lids.

Peanut Butter: Is a seriously warm matte orangey-brown and it’s my favourite shade. It’s so beautiful when you apply this on the crease with a little bit of coconut crème on the lid. STUNNING!

Frosting: Is a warm shimmery brown with great performance.

Rum Raisin: Is a pale cool-toned taupe with a shimmer finish that looks super smooth on the lid.

Mousse: Is a matte warm-brown that’s pretty similar to my skin tone again. This was noticeable on the lids/crease but it didn’t appear as nicely as the other shadows.

Caramel: Stays true to the name, and it’s a beautiful shimmery light-caramel shade.

Bon Bon: Looks like Peanut Butter with a shimmering coppery touch. This had very good colour pay off too.

Butter Pecan: Is the 2nd the highlighter on the palette, and it’s a pale butter shade with a shimmer finish. This was very high in pigmentation.

All colours were: Extremely smooth & buttery except for Pink Sugar. All of them blended seamlessly.

Here I did the 3 looks from that little booklet, which came with palette:


My favourite look is: Milk Chocolate. It’s so wearable and not only it brightens the eyes, but it also brings out the brown in your eye.

Final thoughts: This palette is well worth the money, and as I don’t any of the NAKED palettes, this is such a good addition to my makeup stash. Highly recommend this to all the beautiful ladies, specially who has brown-eyes because these colours really enhance them! I love all the shades and even the cool-tone shadows didn’t make my face look ashy. I’m definitely in love with Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar! If you don’t own a good neutrals palette, this is a good investment for you!

Hope this review helped you,


Neth Mi

8 responses to “Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Review & Swatches”

  1. the packaging is *_* ! need to get my hands on this 🙂 is it limited edition ?


    1. Hi there! No it’s a permanent palette I believe 🙂 didn’t say limited edition anywhere 🙂 good luck!


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