Hey guys,

Here’s the Q&A as I promised yesterday.

I’ve been asked so many questions about makeup and my work ever since I started my Instagram and this blog, so I decided to gather most of the questions and answer them here for everyone 🙂

I didn’t pick and choose and questions (because so far I had no hard questions haha) so here we go…

What made you start your blog? I’ve always loved writing. I have written a whole bunch of poems, songs, short stories and even an autobiography but I haven’t published any of them yet. I wanted to get more experience in writing and gather an audience before that and I love sharing my work and thoughts with everyone. Blogging is the easiest way to do that. It’s amazing how much you can interact with the right kind of people through blogging.

Why did you switch from Fashion to Make-up? I didn’t switch. I’m still a fashion designer and I will always be a fashion designer. That’s my true profession, but at the same time I fell in love with makeup because it’s an art, just like fashion.  And makeup goes hand-in-hand with fashion. It’s a part of styling so I like to write about both fashion & makeup in my blog. Fashion takes a bit more time and money than makeup, that’s why I have more makeup posts than clothing posts.

Are you a professional makeup artist? No 🙂 I’m just another girl who’s crazy about makeup. But I do makeup for photoshoots and small events. I do it on a personal level, mostly for my friends. It’s fun to play with makeup.

What do you do with all that makeup you collect, if you’re not a pro artist? I love collecting makeup. I’m a collector. I collect books and makeup. It’s like how I collected Barbie dolls when I was a kid 🙂 It’s an addiction and only people who’re addicted to it understand why! Like I said before, I use them whenever I’m called to do makeup on a friend or a photoshoot. Most of my friends are fashion designers, photographers and stylists so I get to help them with my little addiction 🙂

Where do you buy your cosmetics? Mainly online because you don’t get most of the international brands in Sri Lanka. I have a few favourite sites like beautybay.com / allcosmeticswholesale.com / bhcosmetics.com / cosme-de.com / beautybridge.com / makeupgeek.com Those are my go-to websites because they deliver worldwide. And I buy whenever I travel abroad. My fav place is Sephora as you might’ve guessed!

What’s your favourite makeup brand? I can’t pick one.

Favourites: Foundation: Makeup Forever Concealer: Estée Lauder Double Wear  Blush: MAC Modest Blush Bronzer: NARS Casino Highlighter: Wet ‘n Wild Rosé Champagne Eyeshadow: Makeup Geek, Too Faced Lipstick: NYX soft matte lip cream in London Nail polish: OPI Too hot pink to hold ’em

How often do you clean your brushes? At least every 3-4 days, especially the eyeshadow brushes. If I use the brushes on someone else I would clean them on the day before and after.

What do you do for a living? I’m tied to our family business, that’s where I get most of my monthly income. It’s really hard to survive just by doing freelance, specially in the beginning, so you need a steady source of income.

What’s your advice for upcoming bloggers? Haha I think I’m still an amateur so I can’t really look down and give advice to anyone. But I think they should write as much as possible, be as detailed but brief as they can. Nobody wants to read novels on your blog. So keep it short but informative. Then good PR is essential. Travelling and meeting new people, experiencing new things are important too. Adding photographs to your posts make it more interesting to read.

What’s the camera you use to take pictures? I use my trusty iPhone 5S. I don’t own a pro camera 😦

Have you thought of starting a YouTube channel? Yes, I really want to. May be next year, once I get a good camera and a lighting system 🙂

How do you find about new makeup? I check my Instagram feed every morning just after I wake up. So I can say Instagram is the biggest source for inspiration. Then I check new tutorials on YouTube.

What’s the next step for your blog? I want to do a giveaway end of this year and I’m planning to start video reviews.

What will you do after this post? I’m working on my Spring/Summer 2015 clothing collection. I have to make a pattern for the next dress in line.

Hope I’ve answered all your questions! Thanks for messaging me on FB and emails!

See you tomorrow with my NYX conceal, correct & contour palette review!


Neth Mi

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  1. Looking forward for the next Q& A round…..!

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    1. Hey yes doing another one in mid-June!! Make sure to ask this time 😉😉


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