L.A. Girl Beauty Brick- Nudes palette review & swatches


Today’s a rainy day here in Sri Lanka, but I’m sure this post will warm you up a little bit because it is a complete review on L.A. Girl Beauty Brick- Nudes palette, which I bought for US$ 7.99 from www.allcosmeticswholesale.com about 2-3 weeks ago. (This palette was released a few months back but it was sold out in most of the places I checked but I finally I found it on one of my favourite online cosmetics stores last month.)

After buying the Lancôme My French Palette (Read the complete review here) I’ve developed an obsession with rose-gold shades. When you speak about rose-gold eyeshadow, the first palette that comes to your mind is Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette, but I didn’t buy it for so many reasons back then. (You will see it on My French Palette’s review)

Anyway… When I saw this palette online I was like, why not try this one because it’s so cheap for 12 shades of eyeshadow.

The packaging is: Beautiful in my opinion for a drugstore palette. It surely feels cheap in your hands but for US$7.99 I didn’t expect more… I’m not disappointed there. It is slim and travel friendly with a decent sized mirror inside (which I won’t use, but it can become handy when I travel) and a good dual-ended brush.


At a first glance you can see there’s a good selection of colours here. (Not to mention the striking resemblance with Naked 3 😀 ) There are 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades. However, some of these colours don’t stay true to the pan when you apply them.


The pigmentation of all shades were: Good except for the 11th shade. (sorry ’bout that ugly vein popping at my wrist) The 3 matte shades worked well. But as you can see, some of the shades appear similar on these swatches.

1. (Matte) Off-white (good pigmentation)

2. (Matte) Rose (good pigmentation with a little bit of fallout)

3. (Shimmer) Pale rose-gold (highly shimmery and good colour payoff)

4. (Matte) Nude-rose (good pigmentation. No fallouts and blends like a dream)

5. (Shimmer) Pale rose-gold with a hint of yellow (very similar to shades 3 & 9)

6. (Shimmer) Rose-gold (good pigmentation)

7. (Shimmer) Gold (good pigmentation)

8. (Shimmer) Taupe with a slightly red undertone (good pigmentation)

9. (Shimmer) Pale rose-gold (similar to shades 3 & 5)

10. (Shimmer) Taupe with a slightly yellow undertone (similar to shade 8)

11. (Shimmer) Deep purple (poor pigmentation and the shimmer disappeared when I applied.)

12. (Shimmer) Deep purple with a slightly warm undertone.

I’ve gathered some of the similar shades below for a better comparison:



As you can see, the shades 3, 5 & 9 look extremely similar and only the shade 6 is slightly more rose-toned.

The same can be said for shades 8 & 10 (If you look really closer shade 8 looks slightly rose-toned than shade 10, but this isn’t noticeable when you apply them on  your lids.)

Let’s compare the gold shade (no7) with the rose-gold shade (no3):


Left: shade no 7 on the lid. Right: shade no 3 on the lid.

For both looks I used shades 11 & 12 for crease, 2 as a transition and 1 on the brow bone as a highlighter. I’m happy to see there IS a difference between the gold shade (no7) and the rose-gold shade (no3).

Aside from that, I love the arrangement of colours. Unfortunately, I don’t own the Naked 3 to do a proper comparison.

I love the brush that came with it too. It is dual ended with a synthetic flat bristle-brush on one side and a sponge-tip applicator on the other. The sponge-tip can help the shadows with poorer performance.

Final thoughts: For a price like US$7.99 I don’t have much to complain. I’m actually impressed about the quality of these shadows. (I’m telling you, drugstore brands are getting better by the day!)  Only thing I didn’t like was the obvious similarities among the few shades I mentioned. But I recommend this palette for anyone, especially if you’re on a tight budget because you get 12 shades for almost half the price of a MAC single eyeshadow. (Of course, the quality of MAC and Urban Decay’s Naked 3 is incomparable here) I can happily say it’s a fair deal for the price you pay.

I hope this review helped you…

Stay tuned for more drugstore product reviews (hint: NYX conceal, correct & contour palette)

Happy weekend everyone!


Neth Mi

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