Why being 26 feels good to me…

It’s been a week since I turned 26, and I know many of my friends are turning 26 this year. I want to share a few thoughts on how I feel about being 26…

First of all, I’m not one of those people who hate celebrating their birthdays. I don’t sulk & whine, “Why should I celebrate ageing another year?” when someone wishes me. I don’t party like crazy either. (I’m not saying partying is bad!) I’m just happy that I survived another year.

When I say survive, I don’t mean like surviving some sort of natural disaster. I mean everyday life. It’s a challenge: Every day is a challenge. You make decisions everyday, ranging from the smallest ones like, “What should I wear today?” to bigger ones like, “Should I apply for this loan?”

So I’m just happy I survived 26 years… I know it’s not like living 65 years. But my 26 years were not easy. Nothing was served to me on a silver platter. Contrary to what many people think, I’ve had a hard life.

My childhood was fine. Even though I have no siblings, I’ve never felt alone. I had a happy & content childhood.

I was on an emotional roller-coaster ever since I hit fifteen. I had a hard time at school, as many thought I was a snob because I was always quiet. I just didn’t talk much, except with my handful of friends. I wasn’t friendless, or I’m not saying my schooldays suck. It just wasn’t as great as many of you would’ve experienced.

I’ve never been loud at school, or athletic (girls used to laugh when I ran, and it hurt. It seems like a small thing, but it really hurt.) I’m still bad at sports. I’m not underestimating. I just know what I can do and can’t. And I’m always focusing on what I can do. I loved writing back then. I’ve represented my school almost every year in some sort of writing competition. That was honestly the only thing that kept me going apart from my small bunch of friends. So now I’ve started blogging and I really enjoy it.

I’m not going to talk about boys. Let’s say I’m sooo glad I’m past my teenage and early-twenties. This is why I like being in my mid-twenties. (I guess I’ll be happier in my thirties!) Things are changing. Life is changing from worse to better. This is why I’m glad we are ageing. We meet new people. We go through new phases in life. We’ve had our fair share of bad experiences, though surely there will be negative moments in the future too. But we have at least got some experiences, and we have moved on or moving on with our lives.

When I meet people younger to me, some of them go with wide eyes, “Oh my god! You’re old!” or “Aren’t you planning to get married? I so wanna get married before twenty-five!”

Ok, you can do that before you’re 25, girl, but not everybody can get married by 25 or 26. And it doesn’t mean I’m unhappy or jealous or I should be desperate to find someone to tie the knot soon. Some of my friends are married, some are in relationships or engaged and some I know who’re in their thirties are still single. Marriage or being in a relationship is not the key to happiness or it’s not the trophy of a successful life. All I’m saying is, I’m still happy despite being not-married-by-26.

Compared to being 21 (the overrated “Key Birthday”) I’m way more independent now. I’ve gone from shitty jobs to better jobs, shredded dishonest people and met loyal people. Financially, I’m in a better place. I guess all of us are in better places now than we were back then. So really, aren’t you happy you’re not 21 anymore? 😉

I met an awesome lot of friends during college. I met amazing lecturers and supportive professionals so I could finally close the door to my not-so-happy-schooldays. I finally got the strength to say, “No” to people. I learned to put my foot down and break-up with people who don’t deserve to have a place in my life. I don’t keep grudges, though. I’ve befriended girls who used to hate me at school for god-knows-why. I think it’s a part of growing up.

Being 26 means we’re growing up.

Can I say, “Finally?”

Let me know how you feel when you age another year… Are you sad you’re getting old, or are you happy you’re growing up into a beautiful, successful woman?

See you soon,


Neth Mi

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