Throwback to Quirked by Su.Ré: How do I wear it?

Hey fashionistas!

Some of you might know that I’m revamping my blog, (changed URLs so I still have a lot of posts to drag back to this one) and this post is one of those I uploaded a few months ago into my old blog.

This post is all about styling, and this is my first styling post as well as my first throwback!

Small warning: LONG POST with LOTS and LOTS of PICTURES!!!

I was invited by my BFF Sesha, the talented designer behind her own brand “Su.Ré” to try out her fun, stylish but super comfy collection, “Quirked by Su.Ré”…

Su.Ré is: A Sri Lankan designer brand launched in 2013, that’s all about fun, hip, quirky clothes and accessories for young fashionistas… What I love mostly about Su.Ré is how they combine bold colours and eccentric prints with wearable silhouettes and comfortable fabrics…

You can check her FB page here for more details:
Follow her on instagram: @su.re_studio

We decided to check how we can style her collection, “Quirked by Su.Ré” to suit many moods and occasions her clients would face… Soon, it became sort of a dress-up game that was between me and the designer 😉 So in the end, we thought we’d do two ways of styling for each piece of the collection: Neth Mi vs. Sesha

I would describe my general style of dressing as neat and a little lady-like with a hint of 60’s while Sesha’s personal styling is fun and playful with a touch of boho glam, but keep in mind that both of us are nonconformists when it comes to fashion!

So let’s see how Su.Ré worked on Neth Mi VS Sesha!


Left: (Neth Mi) I paired the dress with a large black handbagcontrasting yellow and white striped pumps for that lady-like touch and loosened my hair… a perfect outfit for a lunch with my BFFs 🙂
Right: (Sesha) she put my hair up in a messy knot and completed the look with a brown suede haversack and black canvas loafers for that casual outing with friends 😉


Left: (Neth Mi) Small quilted black shoulder bag, a pair of colourful flats and loose hair to wear on a casual date
Right: (Sesha) Tie your hair into a cute, side ponytail and pair this dress with a colourful clutch by Su.Ré with metallic sandals… This could be a playful date!


Left: (Neth Mi) A messy topknot, brown suede haversack and a pair of dusty pink flats for a casual outing
Right: (Sesha) Agreed with the messy topknot but added a chambray shirt, brown wedges and a bright teal shoulder bag for a fresh, eye-catching look!


Left: (Neth Mi) Colourful printed clutch by Su.Ré and metallic flats with loose hair would make this maxi perfect for a casual dinner date
Right: (Sesha) Her take on this maxi was also on the casual side, but more towards a daytime chic look with a pair of sunnies and a large newspaper printed handbag with a messy topknot


Left: (Neth Mi) Pairing her best seller was a little difficult because the dress itself looked gorgeous without any accessories… But I would pick a large white handbag and a pair of nude kitten heels with a messy ponytail to go with this dress for a shopping spree with the ladies
Right: (Sesha) Her styling here was way cooler than mine! She matched my Ray-Ban club-master sunniesa large nude shoulder bag and a pair of sandals and loosened my hair… I guess this look is great for a chic, casual outing with your family or friends!


Left: (Neth Mi) This maxi is cleverly designed to keep it simple and elegant yet quirky enough to suit Su.Ré’s hip clientele and I chose to add only a pair of metallic sandals, my vintage gold watch and my everyday gold necklace for an elegant look…
Right: (Sesha) You could be bare-feet with this look at a beach wedding! Tie your hair into a side ponytail and keep your matchy-matchy-pumps on a side 😉


Left: (Neth Mi) I added a deep green sleeveless top and a contrasting pair of yellow & white striped heels… This is my signature style!
Right: (Sesha) She combined another white sleeveless top from the same collection and bright teal pumps to lighten up the look… A great combo for any daytime outing!


Left: (Neth Mi) A pair of light washed shortssandals and a large nude shoulder bag to wear with this sleeveless shirt is my ideal lazy-Sunday-outfit!
Right: (Sesha) She gave this sleeveless shirt a nice twist with another casual, yet completely chic look with a panelled black chiffon maxi skirt with high slitsblack quilted shoulder bag, sandals and a pair of Ray-Bans…


Left: (Neth Mi) Another hip but casual look from me this time… I love wearing long sleeve tops with shorts because they make the look a whole lot dressier (you can see the immediate difference between this picture and the previous one)… So here I was wearing the same light-washed shorts, a colourful printed clutch from Su.Ré and black canvas loafers.
Right: (Sesha) Yet another example of how you can completely change the look by your styling! Here I was wearing the same long sleeve blouse with light-grey skinny pants, black pumps and a black handbag for a sophisticated look… You could simply wear this to work!


Left: (Neth Mi) A colour variation of the previous blouse… Playing with this colour combo was a little bit harder than the rest of the collection, but it paired beautifully with a black pencil skirt and brown wedges. We understood that this blouse was more of an office/work appropriate piece
Right: (Sesha) Her version of this blouse was again taken back to a relaxed look, simply to show the versatility of her collection:) A pair of shorts, a haversack and flats would give this piece a completely different vibe.


Left: (Sesha) With this beautiful owl print blouse we both decided to change only the accessories… Sesha chose a large nude messenger bag and a pair of bright teal sandals
Right: (Neth Mi) I chose a braided leather belt with the blouse tucked into the shorts, nude wedges and retro sunnies… both looks could be worn for a walk on the beach (without the wedges of course 😉 or just hanging out in the city…


Left: (Sesha) A complimentary bright yellow mini skirtblack quilted shoulder bag and nude kitten heels make this blouse suitable for many occasions, be it a trip to the shopping mall or a soft cocktail at an exhibition or a product launch!
Right: (Neth Mi) Another lunch with the ladies styling from me 😀 Light grey skinny pantsdusty pink pumps and a bright printed clutch from Su.Ré is ideal for that occasion!


Left: (Neth Mi) Last but not least is my favourite (and many of my instagram followers’ fav) this quirky ice cream print skater skirt, which I wore with a simple grey tank topblack quilted shoulder bag and sandals with hair pulled up into a knot. Another one of my signature styles!
Right: (Sesha) I give full credits to Sesha’s styling here… We seriously need more ladies dressed up like this in our streets of Colombo! What do you say? Wear a chambray shirt, a colourful headband and a pair of wedges to complement this playful skirt!

We had soooo much fun doing this little photoshoot… We simply used almost all of her shoes, bags and other clothes and shot the pics from my phone inside and outside her house… Not much was edited on the photos except for a bit of lighting here and there… no air-brushing ’cause we wanted to keep it real!
For more information on Su.Ré clothes, please inbox her on fb in the page I linked above…

So go on, show how you wear Su.Ré and don’t forget to tag us on your IG posts @neth_mi, @su.re_studio

Have fun!

See you soon!!


Neth Mi

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