Anna Sui Lip Palette Swatches

Today I’m sharing my favourite lip palette I take with me whenever I’m travelling. This was released a few years ago (limited edition) if I’m not mistaken, but I managed to find this about a month ago.


I love the vintage rose print on the packaging, which is a sturdy cardboard. Here’s what you get inside:


You get 9 beautifully opaque lipstick shades with 1 gloss (the white one the top row, left side) and a lip brush.


Here’re two things I didn’t like about this palette:

1. I wish there was a big mirror. I mean, there’s so much space to hold a mirror, don’t you think?

2. The lip brush was so bad that I didn’t want to keep it anywhere near my eyesight, so I discarded it. I don’t understand why they put such a bad lip brush into this otherwise gorgeous lip palette. I continue to use my beloved Sephora lip brush to apply these.

Here’s what I LOVE about this palette:

1. All colours (except the white one, which is a like a glossy topcoat) were super pigmented. They were so opaque and shiny. Easily build-able.

2. The consistency was really good. They are so lightweight and feel quite hydrating throughout the wear-time, which was up to 3-4 hours.

3. Colour variation is really good, especially when you’re travelling. A good selection of nudes, corals, reds & pinks all-in-one palette.

4. This has a nice subtle rose scent, which was not overwhelming, and it disappeared after application so if you are sensitive to scented cosmetics you don’t have to worry too much. (I’m pretty sensitive to scents too, but I could live with this one unlike the Givenchy trio I reviewed over here.)

5. The option of keeping it semi-gloss or glossy just by adding the 1st shade. All colours appeared semi-gloss when applied on the lips.


This palette is ideal if:

1. You travel frequently so that you don’t have to carry most of your lipsticks as this has covered 9 shades already with a gloss.

2. You love red lipsticks

3. You love vintage packaging

4. You want some hydrating lipsticks

Hope this helped.

Happy Hump Day!


Neth Mi

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