Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer Review

Hey beauties!

Today I received my first-ever Laura Geller purchase: The Real Deal Concealer in LIGHT. I bought this from one of my favourite cosmetic sites: and it cost me: GBP 15.12  Once again, I’m extremely happy with their delivery. (Ordered on 8th April & received today – 24th April)


I’ve read many great reviews on this concealer and if there’s only one product I cannot live without, that would be concealer… Because I have such bad dark circles, I like to try as many concealers as possible in various shades (from porcelain to medium) because I get tanned pretty easily and it seems like I have a different skin tone every day! (Ok, I’m exaggerating a little here… but seriously, I don’t have one perfect concealer that I can use consecutively.)

Right now I’m quite, quite tanned. Like NC35 (MAC) tanned. My natural skin colour is NC25, so these days I mix these two shades under my eyes to hide my dark circles, and I’m pretty happy with my MAC Studio Finish Concealers in those shades… But I wanted to highlight under my eyes… That’s why I went for the shade LIGHT in Laura Geller’s Real Deal Concealer instead of going for MEDIUM.

Boy! It’s really light!

And they were not lying when they mentioned it’s SERIOUS COVERAGE

This is how much I took to swatch on the back of my hand:


And here’s how much it covers! It’s COMPLETELY OPAQUE…


I’m beyond impressed with the coverage. I wish I bought this in MEDIUM, so I can use it just as a concealer, not highlight… But in the picture below you can see how nicely it highlights my face:


I’m wearing it only on the left side on top of my usual studio finish concealer. If you use this as a highlighter, make sure you apply on top of your concealer to avoid it looking bluish.

Here’s the completely highlighted look:


The consistency: Is thick and blends easily, though you have to be very quick with blending. This product sets quite fast and kind of stays locked there on the skin. It has a great stay & doesn’t crease.

Final thoughts: If you have Olive/Medium/Tan skin, and you’re looking for a great highlighter under your eyes, I highly recommend this product (especially if you have dark circles as well) I’m hoping to buy the shade in MEDIUM to check if it would work as a concealer for everyday use… (I’m sure it’ll work… but let’s see)

(I also read on another blogger’s review that this was too dark for actually fair skin. It is a kind of light sandy shade, which would not work on fair skin tones.)

You get 20g for GBP15.12 and you’ll need like a tiny speck of this product to apply on each eye. I think this is a Real Deal 🙂 

I’ll be right back!


Neth Mi


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