Airport Buys- Givenchy Lipstick Trio review & swatches

Today I want to share my thoughts about this beautiful Givenchy lipstick triplet I bought from the Airport last December… The reason I took so long to write a review on this is because I wanted to use them for a few months in different weather/climates to sum it all up…


This trio cost me around $88.00, which is a pretty big amount for three lipsticks, but I’ve been eyeing these lipsticks every time I flew, so I thought I’d give it a try this time.

These lipsticks come in black leather & silver cases that weigh quite a bit and look & feel luxurious… They’re heavily scented and the Givenchy emblem is engraved in each lipstick… They’re soooooo pretty….


The beautiful pink shades are:

Beige Plume- a pinky nude
Rose Taffeta- a bright medium pink
Rose Boudoir- a bright but deep rose

All of them are well pigmented… I’m quite excited about the colours.. 🙂


They are cool-toned matte shades, and all three of them are holly molly creamy! For creamy lipstick fans, this could be heaven 🙂 But on the downside, they tend to break easily 😦 (all 3 lipstick bullets are broken by now) even as I tried to swatch them they started bending! If you live in the tropics like me, DO NOT FORGET to keep them in a refrigerator! This did not happen when I was in Istanbul last December, so these are definitely not weather-proofed!

Also, try not to use it straight from the bullet because even the slightest pressure can break these lipsticks… I always use a lip brush for application… Because of the super creamy consistency, they can be a bit gooey on the lips until you smooth it out with either your fingers or a lip brush… Make sure you scrub your lips thoroughly before application in order to avoid any caking up or dry patches:)

The scent- I’m not a huge a fan of the scent though.. I always prefer my makeup to have no fragrance… This scent is a bit too strong for me, but my mother luuuuuurves it…. So I guess the scent this kinda personal 😉


Overall, this is how I would rate these:

Packaging: 5/5 love the luxurious leather packaging and the beautifully engraved bullets

Pigmentation: 4.5/5 good pigmentation. They lasted about 3-4hours on me. Beige Plume and Rose Taffeta didn’t leave any stains on the lips.

Consistency: 2/5 too creamy for my taste and the lack of strength… I didn’t pay so much for melting & easily-breaking bullets. I’ve never had such a bad experience in melting bullets even with drugstore brands. I can’t blame my tropical weather for this! The scent is overwhelming too…

Do I recommend this trio? Not really… If you want high-end lipsticks, go for a Tom Ford or Yves Saint Laurent… They’re seriously worth the money… Or you could simply switch to a MAC if you don’t mind shopping in the mid-market section… with MAC lipsticks you always get good quality for a decent price 🙂

Anyway, hope this helps you…

See you soon!


Neth Mi


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