When two BBloggers get together…

Today I died and went to makeup heaven… I’m not kidding…  Here’s a glimpse of proof:


And trust me, there was a serious amount of products that could not fit in to this picture… (For example, we couldn’t include any lip products here (except for the Anna Sui lip palette which stays closed in this pic))

This happened when I met my sweet friend Nisha @vidsen17 today at her studio.

Honestly, I never thought I would meet my makeup-better-half especially here in Sri Lanka, but we clicked together the moment we met at this year’s Colombo Fashion Week where we teamed up to do CFW’s official blog.

Today we got together to swatch some of the products we own (we ended up doing the swatch game on almost all the products!) and of course to do a trial on my face with a lengthy hair & makeup discussion 🙂

Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous products she owns:





That BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette is to die for!!! Its pigmentation was out of the world & ahhhhh those Bobbi Brown Shimmer palettes! I loved her wide collection of Makeup Store eyeshadows too… All the products in this pic swatched BEAUTIFULLY!! (The worst performer was MAC Toledo Violetwink palette with the poorest pigmentation- and then our conversation turned towards MAC)

About MAC cosmetics:

Don’t get us wrong. We love MAC… But we just don’t think it’s the only good makeup brand out there… Tbh, we both get kinda annoyed when some girls go “ooh, I buy only MAC” Seriously, if you’re one of these girls, honey, you’re missing out a LOT… If you love makeup, you should know it’s not about the price and it’s definitely not about the brand… it’s all about the quality…

Honestly, there was a time when I bought only Dior makeup and my friends were like, “are you like the brand ambassador for Dior, because that’s the only thing you post on your IG”… So, I took a step backward and started my research… Well, it made me wish I did my research a lot earlier… (For example, the above BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette now retails at $14.95* at www.bhcosmetics.com)

And then we moved to do a trial on my face:

I took this picture half-way through my makeup just to scare my boy:


We did powder contouring today, and I wanted her to create a day-time appropriate look, so we went a little low key on the whole face… But the left side pic was the beginning 🙂


And there’s the finished look. I love the contouring here… She used her Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit with my Wet ‘n Wild shimmer palette in Rose Champagne and the BH cosmetics brow powder in medium for my eyebrows.


Love this look? Contact her on her Facebook page or @vidsen17 (Instagram) to get this look 🙂

We’re planning to do a cream contour with a full-on glam eyes next time… Let us know what you girlies would love to see 😀

About 98% of the products you saw are from Nisha’s super big makeup collection… I had so much fun hanging out in her studio, checking out each and every product and in the end she gave me this bag full of new cosmetics to take home! Seriously, this was the best day for this entire week!! I’m gonna show you everything I got (with swatches of course) in my future posts 🙂 I can’t wait to play with them 😉

See you soon,


Neth Mi

*- Prices may change overtime.

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  1. Absolutely love this! !! Love your writing style & its super informative :)……can’t wait to do your other looks 🙂


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