Easy everyday makeup with a Frosty Rose look

Shades of Rose I purchased
Shades of Rose I purchased

Nothing makes us beauty junkies happy like getting a package of cosmetics delivered on a Monday morning! Ah… that happiness of opening that parcel to find several bubble wrapped tiny boxes inside!!!

I ordered:

1. MAC cosmetics blush in Harmony (A nude-y Rose powder blush. Well pigmented)

2. MAC cosmetics prep+prime highlighter in Bright Forecast

3. Wet ‘n Wild shimmer palette- Rose Champagne (Stays true to the name. Swatches so beautifully)

4. NYX lipstick in Ceto (A frosty Rose shade)



I wanted to create a very wearable, extremely toned-down everyday make-up look inspired by none other than Kim K… I love Kim’s makeup, but I wouldn’t want so many layers of products on my face. (It’s time consuming and I want to end up still looking like me)

Also note that I’m not recreating Kim’s look here… I merely got inspired by certain techniques & products from Kim K tutorials and used them the way I wanted to create a signature look for me. 

I watched so many Kim K inspired tutorials on YouTube & wrote down all the products each tutor used. (including the videos Kim did with her makeup artists both Mario & Stephen) Well, the list was PRETTY long… I managed to narrow it down somehow for us beauty lovers who prefer a much tamed down look…

Here’s the completed look:

IMG_2267 copy

I know I may not look anywhere near Kim…. I mean, I have no false lashes, no mascara on bottom lashes and no crazy contouring!!! But I’m loving this look so much…

Here’s how I used the products:

1. Lancôme’s My French Palette (This was my own addition. Many artists used MAC eyeshadows in grey shades. I started with the 2nd colour all over the lid, 4th shimmery shade on the middle & the 6th shade on the outer corner, blending it inwards on the crease for a little bit of definition. With the angled shadow brush, I then applied the 9th shade (soft black) as a liner for soft & feminine look.)

2. L’Oreal Curl Impact Volume Mascara. (I generally don’t use any liner or mascara on the lower lash line. This is my signature eye-look.)

3. MAC Studio Finish Concealer

4. Make Up Forever HD Foundation (I generally don’t use primer and I’ve never had any problems using foundation directly on the face.)

5. MAC Prep+Prime highlighter in Bright Forecast (Used this on the general highlighting areas (centre of nose, high-points of cheekbones & cupid’s bow) and smudged them well with my fingers.)

6. Sephora mattifying powder (To set everything)

7. MAC blush in Harmony (This blush can be doubled up as a bronzer too… I used this lightly on my cheeks with a fluffy brush.)

8. Wet ‘n Wild’s shimmer palette in Rose Champagne. (I used it on the highpoint of my cheeks (with a fan brush), centre of my nose, inner corners of my eyes (tear duct area) and the brow bone for a beautiful rose-toned highlight. This gives such a beautiful dewy finish to the face.)

9. MAC lipliner in Boldly Bare

10. NYX lipstick in Ceto.

And that was all… I love the new shades of Rose I used for this look. What do you guys think?

Let me know 🙂

See you soon


Neth Mi

4 responses to “Easy everyday makeup with a Frosty Rose look”

  1. Great post! I would love for you to stop by the “beauty” section of my blog! – Seri from http://www.Serisblog.com

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    1. Thank you I checked your blog too.. Loving it! 😍

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  2. The completed look is so natural, it’s hard to determine if makeup has been applied in the first place.. Good One!


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    1. Yes! It’s perfect for a natural looking makeup 👌🏼👌🏼


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