Violetwink, Sin & Ripe Peach from MAC Toledo collection

Hi there!
So I finally got my hands on some products from MAC Toledo collection… I know it’s pretty late but I just wanted to share my thoughts on these because they’re still available in-stores and online if you’re interested to buy…

 I purchased 3 products out of the whole range (well, I had to choose as less as possible because these were purchased through my boyfriend about 3 hours before his flight (outside airport) and I didn’t want him to miss his plane because it already took me ages to pick only 3 items from 31 pieces!)


The packaging is GORGEOUS… It’s seriously arty… This could be one of the best LE packaging from MAC (still love Alluring Aquatic though 😉 However, the rubbery surface seems to attract a lot of dirt so you have to keep that in mind… (Imagine NARS packaging in white colour… yeah, like that) But still, they’ve totally got me over packaging…

Let me tell you one thing before you scroll down… The Toledo collection is not for the neutrals/nudes/barely-there/no-makeup-makeup fans… It is bold, fierce and uniquely complements each product within the range… (However, I feel like the colours that I picked are just spot on for Fall even though they launched it in Feb)Here’s what I picked:

Violetwink Eyeshadow Palette
Matte lipstick in Sin
Blush in Ripe Peach

Violetwink Eyeshadow palette:


I’ve been waiting to buy the perfect purple eyeshadow palette (simply because they work so good with brown eyes) and I’m soooooo glad I waited! Violet wink is everything I ever wanted… The size is perfect for travelling (It’s pretty smaller than you might guess)

The colours are just out of the world!!



(from left to right)

  1. Sweet Allure- A pale satin finish pink (This was almost white on my NW25 skin)
  2. French Clay- A frosty pale grey (This was more pigmented than Sweet Allure and appeared brighter on the lids)
  3. Tendersmoke-  A silvery lilac in frost finish (Medium pigmentation. I used this along the crease to deepen the look)
  4. Stars ’N’ Rockets- A true medium purple with MAC’s Veluxe Pearl Finish (Seriously, this was prettiest colour on the palette. Love, love, LOVE this shade! Pigmentation was medium though)
  5. Frizzyplum- A deep plum with a frost finish (This was quite pigmented but applied a little too dry. Recommend an eye-primer or try applying this wet)
  6. Overnight- A cool black in matte finish (Another slightly dry formula, but workable)

Colours are: Stunning
Pigmentation is: Medium. You need to put some effort to get the proper colour payoff.
Price: $44.00

Next up is the matte lipstick shade in “Sin”:


If you’re into mattes, do check out all the colours. But because I already have many matte reds, I went for the deepest colour in the collection.. (I wanted Oxblood initially, but it was sold out) On the photograph below it shows much lighter but in reality the colour is super deep.


Sin is seriously matte, sinfully dark and simply gorgeous…

I’m waiting for an opportunity to wear this full-on 😉 like may be Kylie Jenner type of lips, you know… deep and mysterious 😉
Till then, I would dab it lightly on my lips to sort of make a stain and apply some gloss on top of it (I’m still not over glossy/shiny/lustre lips)

Here’s a tiny comparison between Sin and Hang-up (my other deep berry shade from their Creamsheen range)



As you can see, Sin is super matte (It can even look a bit too dry if you’re not careful with your application) and Hang-up is creamier with a sheen. (Obviously, it’s CREAMSHEEN 😉 Also note that “Sin” is a permanent colour, so you can get it for the regular MAC lipstick price minus the gorgeous LE packaging (comes in the regular lipstick packaging)

Colour is: A bluish deep red.
Pigmentation is: High. Applies opaque in one stroke.
Consistency is: Great. Applies evenly but it can be a teeny bit dry if you haven’t scrubbed your lips.
Price: $16.50

Ombré Blush in Ripe Peach

The blush I picked was the peachy shade (because I simply love peach blushes) Ripe Peach. Who can not fall in love with this ombre blush? Seriously?


According to MAC, it’s a light coral ombre blush with a soft peach on top that grades into a beautiful coral towards the bottom. When mixed, it gives a sheer peach shade. It was a bit too shimmery to my taste (downside of buying online because you can’t physically swatch) and appeared quite, quite sheer with a regular blush brush. But when applied with a kabuki, the colour shows up nicely on the cheek and it is oh-so-pretty!!!! It appears more like apricot colour on my tanned skin (Naturally I have medium skin but I just got a bit darker after my vacay) I saw online that many people have reviewed this blush is too sheer but I think a kabuki does the trick!


Colours are: Beautiful. You could use the top shade as a cheek highlighter and bottom as the blush, or you can simply mix them together for a beautiful shimmery flush
Pigmentation is: Low and sheer but build-able.
Price: $32.00

Here’s myself wearing all 3 products:


As you can see, they all complement each other really well… I was a little sceptic in the beginning about how this look would turn out because I’m usually a nude-lip/smokey-eye or bold-lip/nude-eye girl… But I like how this look turned out to be… I used minimal face make-up to keep things at least one tone down (I used only a BB cream, setting powder, little bit of bronzer on the hairline and cheekbones)

The purple shadows really enhance the brown-eyes (I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures with my eyes open because they’re kinda red after an infection- and I know! I know! I shouldn’t be putting eye make-up when there’s an infection… But this post is already late so I didn’t want to delay it anymore by waiting for my eyes to calm down)



All prices I’ve mentioned here are in US$. I got these from Turkey so it was pretty pricey for me… (Roughly around US$160.00 when converted from Turkish Lira) I love all 3 products, though I do wish it was a little less expensive in Turkey 😉 I just had no way to get it from the US… Don’t you think it’s high time that MAC delivered worldwide? 😉

See you soon!


Neth Mi

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