TOO FACED Sweethearts blush in Peach Beach

Hello everyone…. and hello, February!! (5 days late, though 😉
Anyways, here’s the month you’ll see a great deal of hearts everywhere!!!

(Okay okay… hold on… if you’re one of those people who boycott valentines… I’m sorry! Just scroll down straight away to the product review 🙂

But if you’re looking for the perfect gift that is sweet and romantic to give your sweetheart (girlfriend, actually ;P ) here’s a good choice for you, in my opinion anyway 🙂 From the absolutely gorgeous box packaging to the beautiful heart shaped container full of shimmery peachy goodness!! Your girlfriend would love this!


Firstly, I bought this from this cosmetics site: because there aren’t many choices for us Sri Lankans to order cosmetics online, but this one is a great site that offers a wide range of quality makeup aaaaaand they give FREE DELIVERY! Yes, you saw it right… the delivery is free, and I got mine delivered within 2 weeks and that’s another hi5 to 😀 My total cost was US$30.60 which is actually only the product price (This item is sold at US$30.00 at

Sweetheart blush comes in 3 shades:
Candy Glow
Something About Berry
Peach Beach

Out of those three I picked Peach Beach ‘cause I haven’t got a peachy blush in my small but growing blush collection…

Let’s look at the gorgeous packaging:


As you see this is something for people like me, who’s a sucker for beautiful packaging… I cannot take enough pics of this cutie…


There were some mixed reviews about the cardboard container, though i certainly like this one… It doesn’t feel cheap, and it’s actually a nice change from all those heavy plastic and magnetic containers… This is lightweight and easy to carry (can I say beautiful to carry too? 😉 A little big but it’s manageable…

My first impression when I opened was, WOW!
And the second was, it’s VERY SHIMMERY on the pan :/ And I’m not a fan of shimmery blushes because they emphasise my pores so badly (like the Dior Rose Chérie I have) Anyways, since I already bought this…

So, here I swatched it…


It feels slightly coarse but the product is actually finely milled… on the fingers (straight off the pan) it’s still hell’a shimmery 😦

But then, as I applied on the face (all three colour together with a soft blush brush) it’s ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! The shimmer particles transform to a beautiful glow and I’m IN LOVE!


(Above pic I’m wearing Ceres DD Cream as the base, MAC concealers in NW35 & NW25, Dior 018 palette on eyes, Dior Lip Maximizer, MAC lustre lipstick in Kiss the King on lips and MAC lipliner in Boldly Bare)

I think this blush is very pigmented and for light to medium skin, you should apply with a lighter hand… (Depends on how you like to wear blush… I want my blush to be as subtle as possible) This would work more as a highlighter for deeper skin tones…

However, this doesn’t appear as peachy as it looks as I apply on my face (note: my skin is NW25) but I still love the rose-gold glow… I certainly love the warm undertone to it (cool undertones make me very ashy) and I think this is great summer blush!

You can certainly use the three colours separately:


I’d love to use the first shimmery peach shade as a highlighter and mix the other two and use as the blush.

On to my pores… They’re not super visible as I thought… In other words, the shimmer is very subtle on the face thus keeping the pores away!

Final thoughts… A beautiful blush that gives your cheeks a pretty glow and totally worth the money for both packaging and quality of the product… If you love shimmery blushes, go for it! If you hate shimmery blushes, swatch it first (if there’s a sephora or something near you) but I’m telling you, it’s not super shimmery as it looks once you apply it… and the sweetheart packaging is guaranteed to put a smile on your face 🙂

Ok… Hope this helped…

See you soon!!


Neth Mi


5 responses to “TOO FACED Sweethearts blush in Peach Beach”

  1. I really wanted to buy one but whats holding me be back is the fear(😊) that it might be too shimmery. Im glad its not. And Im worried that it might not show up on my NC 30 skin tone. Thanks for the review! I made up my mind and will definitely give this a try. Will buy the Candy glow for a more flushed/blushed look. 😊
    Nice review! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! 😊 Yes I was scared about the shimmer too but it gives the most beautiful healthy glow 😊 if you can, try to swatch and see how it appears on your cheeks.. I want to collect the other two colours too 😁


      1. Too bad its not locally available here. So I cant swatch it on my skin. I will just order from the Sephora site. I’m just relying on the reviews on the net. 😊


      2. Oh I have the same unfortunate situation 😞 I too rely on online reviews but I’m sure you’ll love the sweethearts blush 😊😊 good luck!

        Liked by 1 person

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