Spring/Summer 2014- A sustainable clothing collection

In aid to the World Environment Day, I created a sustainable clothing collection for Spring/Summer 2014, which I mentioned in my previous BTS post… (You can check the Behind-The-Scenes post from here)  As it’s the biggest day for positive environmental actions, how have your actions helped protect nature and our planet Earth?

My small contribution was made using as much environmental friendly ways as possible when I created my sustainable clothing collection.

(I’ve inserted images from of the outfits in between text)

Firstly, let’s talk about how I sourced my raw material… Here I applied the simple 3Rs that help eliminate waste and protect environment:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle…


All fabrics, threads and other small trimmings I purchased were industrial waste… The fabrics were available in either small pieces (cut-pieces) or small yardages that were disposed from garment factories to small fabric retailers. I had to be careful enough to buy only the required amount of fabric to reduce further wastage from my side… This is why the collection comprises of only one piece from each style… It not only helps with fabric consumption, but also makes it a very unique piece only one customer can own!


Next, I’m going to briefly talk about this beautiful handcraft I’ve included in the collection… This is Dumbara Handloom. As some of you may know, this is a unique technique of weaving beautiful geometric patterns using a handloom. This particular craft is exclusively done in a small village call Dumbara in the heart of Sri Lanka, and is also in the dangers of extinction due to many reasons. (Hoping to write more about this in the future ☺)


For Dumbara handloom, I asked my artisan, (who is a master weaver in the village) to use all extra yarn he had from his previous freelance weaving. As I wanted to utilize his unused stock of vibrantly coloured yarn, I didn’t have to dye raw yarn newly for my collection!


Now I will tell a little bit about my inspiration too… I have created two collections inspired by the architecture of one of the most celebrated symbols of love- the Taj Mahal. This collection is the 2nd, which naturally makes it the latest out of the two. When I created the colour palette, I had to look at the yarn colours that my artisan already had in stock. Based on those colours, I built the colour card, and then went for fabric hunting! The geometric patterns woven into fabric is inspired by the beautiful motifs found on the large onion dome of Taj Mahal.


To suit the needs of the client, some of these garments can be recycled depending on her required design.


This collection got me through to the 3 finalists of Sri Lanka Fashion and Apparel Awards 2013 in Sustainable fashion- craft category, and it is now available to purchase through me (contact me for ready-to-wear or customization: nmstylefolder@gmail.com)


Hope you liked the collection…

See you soon!!


Neth Mi
P.S. Photoshoot credits:

Model: Arunika
Photographer: Reza
Location: Wyomi
Special Thanks: Rukshan

7 responses to “Spring/Summer 2014- A sustainable clothing collection”

  1. I came to your blog to see what I had to do for my love/hate tag you nominated me for and I am happy I saw this too ! I totally loved all the outfits especially the third one 🙂 Do you do customized stitching? I would love to get something designed by you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey thank you so much! Yes I do customized stitching awww I would love to do something for you 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do you cater to international customers ?


      2. I’m starting from next year 😊😊


      3. Oh so I will have to wait till then ! Please do let me know when you will be exactly starting xx

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes for sure!! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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