Paul & Joe Spring 2015 makeup review

Hi all!

Today’s post is another review on two “Spring 2015” limited edition makeup products I picked from Paul & Joe. I spotted these palettes on last month and ordered them on the spot because I totally fell in love with the cute animal print on the packaging as well as the engraving on the product itself!

There were 3 Eye-&-Cheek palettes & 3 new lipstick shades (refills) in this collection along with 5 Eye Glosses, 2 Pressed Powders & 3 lipstick cases. I was quite attracted to the Eye-&-Cheek palette called “Elephanteau” and the nude-y lipstick shade “Renard” so I ordered them both to give this brand a try… These two are my first Paul & Joe makeup products…

As usual, I got my order delivered in exactly 16 days. I’m still happy about their delivery pace!

So on to the products… Here’s the seriously cute packaging:


The Eye-&-Cheek palette is made out of box board and comes with an elastic band to keep the lid closed securely.


The box board packaging of the Eye-&-Cheek palette does not feel cheap at all & its size is ideal for travelling. It can easily go into the smallest of cosmetic pouches you own!

Let’s open the products 🙂


Seriously, how can you not fall in love with this cute palette? And look at the beautiful engraving on the lipstick refill!


The Eye-&-Cheek Palette in “Elephanteau” has:

A Hippo representing eye shadow 1: A bright Teal

A Cat representing eye shadow 2: A cool-toned medium Taupe

A Swan representing eye shadow 3/highlighter: A bright Off-White

An Elephant representing eye shadow 4/blush: A warm-toned medium Pink


All of these eye shadows are well pigmented and super soft. I find this palette to be quite versatile regardless the tiny size and limited number of colours. The colours work well with each other, blends easily and lasted almost all the day. Make sure to use a light hand when you apply the pink shade as a blush. I love white shade so much as it is a true off-white that is matte, so you could definitely use this to highlight the brow bone, inner-corner of the eyes, centre of the nose and the cheeks if you want a no-makeup-makeup-look 🙂

The lipstick is quite balmy, but the colour is a lovely peachy-nude. It does pull off the skin on the lips so a good scrub is mandatory before application. It appears quite sheer but is build-able…

I tried 2 looks using all these colours and here’s Look no 1:


I applied a tiny bit of the Off-White on the inner-corners and shaded a bit of Teal from there towards the middle of the lid. The outer-corners were covered in the Taupe shade with Pink on the cheeks & Renard lipstick on the lips.

Look no 2:


On the 2nd look I applied the Teal all across the lid up until the crease, Off-White on the inner corners and the brow bone, Taupe on the crease and Pink on the cheeks. Renard lipstick is on the lips as usual 🙂 I completed the look with L’Oreal Intense Gel Liner in Jet Black.

I used the 2nd look to shoot the look-book for my Spring 2015 clothing collection. I’m wearing a fun pastel version of the infamous leopard print that never goes out of style here:


This maxi dress was inspired by a style from Diane Von Furstenburg Spring/Summer 2015 RTW collection, and is half lined with a gathered waist-detail…

Do let me know about your thoughts on the Paul & Joe spring 2015 line, and of course about my maxi 🙂 Don’t forget to follow & tag me on Instagram: @nmstylefolder

See you soon!


Neth Mi

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