Lipgloss for this Summer- mini review

Today I’m doing a mini review on a few summery lip glosses I have. It’s practically summer everyday in Sri Lanka, so I thought this would be of good use for those who live here and in other summery places 🙂

Here’s the line-up of products:


And here are the swatches:

(From left to right)
1. Designer Brands Juicy Tubes in No 828 (Mulberry)
This is the only product from this lineup that I bought locally 😦
This is kind of thick, but has good purplish pigmentation (you have to really squeeze the tube) with a lot of silvery shimmer. For daytime I would wear it lightly because it shines too much for my taste. I would say this is ideal for night 🙂

2. H&M Lipgloss in Summer Pink
It does look very pinky on the container, but when you apply, it’s very, very light. This has a little bit of shimmer, but they’re not quite visible. It’s very glossy with a very pale pink tint. I can easily use this over another lipstick colour, as this doesn’t add colour to your lips at all…

3. Dior Addict Gloss in No 452 (Ailée)
Absolutely in love with this one! Again, the pigmentation is very low, but it gives enough peachy colour to the lips for a very low-key look. Consistency is extremely good with no visible shimmer so I do wear this both day and night 🙂 (I prefer to wear shimmery lip-glosses during night-outs) I didn’t see this product since last summer (2013) so I’m not sure if they have discontinued. Let me know if you guys find out!

4. Lancôme Juicy Tubes in No 96 (Disco Melon)
Another slightly aged Juicy Tube… This one has an orange tint and no shimmer but very glossy… juicy to the core! There’s a slight flavor, which I don’t mind at all! This perfectly fits my travel cosmetics bag and even my jeans pocket for a quick touch-up… In love with this one!

5. Lancôme L’ABSOLU GLOSS in No 66 (Orange Sacree)
The other orange tinted gloss, and I must say I love this one a little bit more than the Disco Melon, because this has more pigmentation and a creamy texture. This has a slight and smooth metallic finish. I wear this alone without any eye makeup when I want a slightly bold facial statement 😉

6. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Laque in No 742 (Sensual Nude)
Out of all lip-glosses I have this is my ULTRA favourite! I believe the colour is a perfect mixture of a dark rose and a nude, and I would say this is a perfect shade for medium/tan skin tones. This doesn’t have any shimmer… it glides on the lips so smoothly and evenly with superb pigmentation. If you don’t own one, you HAVE to own one! I promise you will love it as much as I do!

7. Lancôme Colour Fever Lip Gloss in No 021 (Sparkling Light)
Last but not least is the Sparkling Light by Lancôme… This has absolutely no colour but loads of tiny sparkles that would make your lips a mini disco ball! Though I’m not much of a shimmer fan, I love this one because it feels so light on the lips and has a nice smell too… Perfect for a Friday night if you plan to put a smokey eye 😉

Well, that’s all for the “mini” (but not-so-mini) review! Hope this helped you…

See you soon!!


Neth Mi

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    1. Thank you I’m so happy you like my blog! Let’s start supporting 😉 Xx


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