Fav LE Christmas 2014 makeup products

Hi everyone!! So here’s another small review on a few LE (Limited Edition) products I bought for this festive season that I thought would be worth sharing with you…

Sure enough, this is like only 1% of the holiday merchandise that’s out there in the market right now, and my initial list was way bigger than this, but in the end I managed to narrow it down (half-heartedly, of course) to the things I only lack in my beauty closet that would fit into a small budget…

Today I’ll be reviewing the following products:

1. The Body Shop- Frosted Cranberry Treat Box that includes:
a. Shower Gel 60ml
b. Body Butter 50ml
c. Red mini crinkle bath lily

2. OPI Gwen Steffani Holiday 2014 polishes in:
a. Rollin’ in cashmere
b. Fashion a bow
c. Sleigh parking only

3. Chanel Stylo yeux waterproof in “Or Blanc” 

4. MAC Heirloom mix blush in “Modest Blush”

The Body Shop offers many LE products for Christmas, and they make the best holiday gifts for anyone… There was just too many to choose from, and I chose this small & cute Frosted Cranberry Treat Box (sounds yummy, right?!) and I LOVE it… The smell is sooo fruity and amazingly refreshing, plus the mini loofah is red and it’s like a cute & functional deco for your bathroom… I feel so Christmasy when I use this set. I bought this from Turkey for 29.50 Turkish Liras (approximately half that price in US$)

I love full-sized OPI polishes (hate the brush in the minis) I just LOVE the consistency and wearability of OPI (generally, 2 coats of lacquer and a top coat lasts 7 days with minimum chipping) and I believe the pricing is reasonable for that type of quality. For this season, I chose 3 shades from their Gwen Steffani Holiday 2014 collection… (each costs US$ 13.00)


The first shade from the left is Sleigh Parking Only, which is a vampy, dark raisin shade that appears darker when applied on the nails… In 2 coats you get full opacity and it looked incredibly glossy without a top coat, though I do recommend wearing a top coat for longer wearability.

The middle shade is Rollin’ in Cashmere, which is a beautiful gold shade with a satin finish. Absolutely in love with this polish!
On another note, if you look at some of the high-end holiday collections, there were a few gold shades in them and I was particularly eyeing Guerlain Shade 901 L’Oiseau de Feu, and Lancôme’s 560 Or Vendôme, both of which were shimmering gold shades similar to Rollin’ in Cashmere, but I think if you’re looking for a beautiful LE gold shade with good quality plus affordability, you should give Rollin’ in Cashmere a try…

The third shade is also a very Christmasy shade call “Fashion a bow“. A little similar to Chanel’s Holiday 2014 shade “Phenix”, this is an Orangey-red shade that reaches maximum opacity in 2 generous coats… So, yeah I cut off Chanel’s shade and bought this one 😉 For red-polish lovers, get your hands on this one!

I just happen to love GOLD a lot 😉 The moment I saw this waterproof eyeliner from Chanel’s Holiday 2014 collection, it immediately made to my Christmas shopping list… Hands down, Chanel does GREAT makeup and this LE eyeliner in shade Or Blanc is no exception! It glides on the skin like BUTTER!!!! I could not resist this one… I cannot remember the price (I really didn’t check the price here, ’cause I simply wanted it in my life 😉


So, as you can see, it swatches so beautifully and it’s perfect to light-up the inner-corners of your eyes… I guess this would look great on fair to medium skin tones


The next love-at-first-sight product was “Modest blush“, which was a light, peachy blush with low sheen from MAC Heirloom Mix… Out of the two blushes from this collection, this was the lighter shade and many had reviewed this isn’t noticeable on medium to dark skin tones… I agree with the part on dark skin tones, but on my NW25 medium skin, this blush appeared just so modestly as the name says and subtly, which instantly made it my everyday blush… I recommend you to swatch this shade, because it surely is a tricky one for many skin tones, but if it fits you, go for it! It’s so pretty and gives a natural flush to your face. For a better look, I apply this with my fingers and blend it with a clean blending brush into the Nars bronzer in Casino…



There’s one more LE gift set I received, which is MAC nude lip bag from their Keepsakes collection and I hope to write a review on that pretty soon… Hope you enjoyed this post…

Have fun Christmas shopping!!

See you soon,


Neth Mi

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