Easy DIY Halloween deco


Hey guys, it’s only a few days before halloween and don’t you think it’s time that you to change a bit of your deco to suit the upcoming spooky celebration?? I know halloween deco is kinda scarce over this part of the world, but let’s see how we can easily transfer some things that are readily available anytime anywhere 😉

For a couple of weeks I had been researching on Pinterest and Youtube on easy DIY fall/halloween ideas and I was quite attracted to a few things like the Tissue Paper Ghosts and Ribbon Bats… So I got inspired by a few ideas as such on the internet and I thought I’ll combine them with a couple of my own to show you guys here…


Most of the fall decorations have maple leaves… Artificial maple leaves are available here… but I thought maple leaves are so cliché… why not try something else, right?


The only thing I had to buy specifically for this deco were these super cute pumpkin shaped candles from ODEL (retailing @ Rs 475.00- 1 box contains 3 candles) It’d be great if you could add something like this to enhance the halloween vibe because, hello, what is halloween deco without those pumpkins!!

Other things I used were:

Orange colour flowers (Any shade of orange or yellow would do)
Small Bowl
1 wine glass
Old newspapers
White toilet papers or thin paper serviettes
Black multi-liner/Sharpie
White thread
A few dried up branches free of leaves (I used some guava branches from my garden 😉 If you want to buy artificial branches they’re available at Green Garden for Rs. 750.00 per branch)
Metallic silver paint and a brush
1/4” width Black Ribbon (If you buy the pumpkin candles from ODEL, it’s already wrapped in a 1/4” black ribbon and you could use this for the bats 😉
A few silver or white round beads
Black thread & a needle
A pair of scissors
Small block of styrofoam

Optional- If you want more spookiness and wouldn’t mind splurging a little bit more money, there were some small tabletop skeletons at ODEL retailing @ Rs. 3000.00 each)

First let’s arrange the base. Place the wine glass upside down in the middle of the bowl. Shred old newspapers and put them around the wine glass. Cut the flower stem according to the length you’d require to stand in the bowl and place them on top of the newspaper shredding. Keep one of the pumpkin candles on top of the turned-up wineglass bottom.

Now to make the tree of bats and ghosts… Paint the dried branches in silver paint (I used ordinary fabric paint with a brush and created an ombre look to give some dimension to the tree) You could also use a spray can for this. Tape the branches together to create a short tree with cellotape. Once dried, take the black ribbon and tie them where you desire as shown in the picture below. Cut the ends at 45 degree angle so that they look like wings 😉


Attach silver beads in the middle to accentuate the bat-eyes… The bats are done 🙂


Next, let’s do the tissue paper ghosts: Take a paper napkin and cut them into 4.


You can also tear them to give a proper ragged look. Place a small ball of tissue paper in the middle, and cover it and tie with white thread.


Draw droopy eyes and mouth with a Sharpie or black pen (I used black eye-liner 😉 ) Tie the ghosts with white thread onto the tree, and pin down the tree into the block of styrofoam. Place this at the back of wine glass inside the bowl. Cover bottom with more newspaper shredding.

Light the candle(s) and voila! Easy breezy halloween deco for your table!!



So what do you think?

Let me know your thoughts & tag me with your deco on instagram @neth_mi

See you soon!


Neth Mi

p.s. By the way, I just stepped into ODEL today to buy some presents for my parents and saw all of these halloween stuff… If you guys see any cool deco for halloween elsewhere, please let me know!!

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