Celebrate this Christmas with ethically produced deco from House of Lonali

Hello everyone!

I know it’s still mid-November, but let’s be realistic… time flies and Christmas will be here in absolutely no time! Shall we decorate our homes this time with some ethically produced decorations?

Okay, so it all started with this surprising box of Christmas deco that arrived at my doorstep last Sunday from “House of Lonali”… yeah, Christmas literally came early to me!! 🙂


While “House of Lonali” is synonymous with beautifully up-cycled clothes and accessories, they have taken up-cycling to a whole new level with this year’s Christmas decorations.. For those who are not familiar with the brand, do check it out here… www.lonali.com 

and if you’re on Facebook, check out their page:

This Christmas collection includes the following items:

Small hanging christmas trees: Rs180.00 each
Knitted sleeves up cycled into gift socks: Rs 210.00 each
Wine bottle covers made of waste sleeves: Rs 175.00 each
Bows made with label waste (large size): Rs 135.00 each
Label waste Christmas trees (large size): Rs 200.00 each
(medium size): Rs 180.00
(small size): Rs 160.00
Fabric baubles: Rs 65.00 each & a pack of 6: Rs 280.00
Rosette bauble made of waste fabric: Rs 60.00 each and a pack of 6: Rs 340.00
Crunchy bauble: Rs 95.00 each and a pack of 6: Rs 550.00
Crochet without bauble: Rs 75.00 each and a pack of 6: Rs 450.00
Gift socks with waste labels: Rs 180.00 each
Crunchy door hanger: Rs 135.00 each
Crochet flower: Rs 100.00 each

So let’s take a closer look at each item 🙂


These beautiful Christmas trees are made of fabric cut pieces before reaching the landfill. Different sized rosettes are put together to create this fun hanging Christmas trees… These are available in various prints and colours, predominantly red, gold and green 🙂


I love these gift socks and loved it even more when I found out that the large red socks are made from knitted sleeves!! The blue ones are topped with waste labels… These are perfect to stuff your gifts for your loved ones!


My favourite, though, were these wine bottle covers!!! Guess what they’re made of???

Yes! They’re made of shirt sleeves… How cool is that?? I’ve already ordered a bunch of these because they’re just so cute and cleverly made!

Now, how about these baubles?


Strips of waste fabrics are woven to create these gorgeous baubles… Redress your baubles with a range of new colours!!!


There’re also these baubles without the shiny, plastic bauble inside… these are a little cheaper than the ones with the bauble…


I love these crunchy door hangers too!! They’re just soooo pretty I want to hang them everywhere, everyday!



Now, how about we save some pine trees OR buying a new plastic pine tree and use a tree we already have at home to hang these? I cannot think of a better way to hang these up-cycled beauties!!! Here I’ve hung all of them in a plastic tree we already had at home.. I really don’t know what this tree is… but whatever it is, looks beautiful now with my new decorations! Don’t you think?


Okay, now for those who think red, gold and green are a bit too cliché for Christmas, Lonali has another colour palette for you… I’m drooling over these candy coloured deco… If you have young daughters or nieces or sisters who are in that Barbie-crazy age, they will LOVE these stuff… (well, I still haven’t gotten over Barbies, so… yeah, I’m definitely keeping these!)



Those beautiful table-top Christmas trees are made of label waste and are available in three different sizes, but they’re all in limited colours, so you better hurry up! 😉

Now head over to this Saturday’s The Good Market- Colombo at Race Course to Lonali’s stall 🙂 and don’t forget to tag me on your purchases on Instagram @neth_mi

See you soon,


Neth Mi

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