Brightening a gloomy Saturday

Hi everyone!!

Welcome back to StyleFolder!! It’s been more than a month since I posted something here so first of all, my humble apologies… It had been a super busy month and I finally managed to get a free Saturday to write something here…

Today is kind of a gloomy day here in Sri Lanka with a little bit of rain in the morning that made the whole day cool, breezy and gloomy… I’m sure many of you are feeling extremely lazy in this weather, but since I had been a total workaholic in the past month, I’m having this itch to get out of bed and do something useful for myself…

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m so not going to do anything to spoil this lazy holiday mood I have once in a while… but I wanted to make it a more productive one… so here’s what I’ve been doing today…

I had a few errands to do in the morning, like rushing to the bank (I totally forgot it was half-day so I had to run!), a couple of phone calls with co-workers and shopping for some groceries… (My initial plan was to buy some cosmetics online, but I had a change of heart and decided to wait till all Fall 2014 collections are up, so I can get some new stash to show off here 😉

So first thing to do when I walk out of the house is… my favourite chore of the day… make up! Here’s a pic of what I tried today…

bus1-1024x754 copy

Today’s so not a summery day! But it’s not too rainy either… on such days I always opt for mixing soft pinks with deep, dark colors. Pink is always a happy color and the right shade of pink will always give you a beautiful girly glow… but I didn’t want it too glow-y or too girly, and this is why I used the following products together with a mix of antique and modern silver jewelry:

1. Sephora mono eyeshadow in “Sweet Candy”- (no 28): A beautiful light pink with low shimmer. On the pan it feels slightly coarse but swatches beautifully and evenly on the eye. However, it has a frosty effect once applied on the eyelid. I applied this all over the lid up to the crease line. You can see the difference between the product on the finger, back of the hand and eyelid on the pictures below…

2. Sephora mono eyeshadow in “Preppy Look” – (no 41): A matte navy blue on the pan but unfortunately it looks washed out when applied on the eyelid. Application is very smooth but the colour looks more toned-down cobalt than navy on the skin, even with heavy usage. I used a little bit on the outer corner of my eye with an angled brush and blended slightly inwards with a blending brush. I finished the eye makeup with a very thin black line drawn extremely close to the eyelashes and did NOT draw a wing… (I know some Sri Lankan girls love winged liner on top of dramatic eyeshadow, but in my opinion it’s soooooo passé! I draw that infamous wing only if the shadow is very, very light)



3. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Sex Machine”: My very first Nars lip product and I’m already a huuuuuuge fan! No wonder everybody’s raving about these lip products! This is a perfect pink shade on warmer skin tones like mine… It’s not too pale or not too dark, which makes it a perfect everyday shade, for work or dates (yes, perfect for dates!) or even partying (with a heavy smoky eye!)

4. OPI mini nail lacquer in “What wizardry is this?”: A golden brown liquid sand shade from Wizard of Oz collection in 2012… yeah, pretty old… but it still worked well when applied on top of a base coat. I’m not huge fan of liquid sand, but I guessed this shade suits my theme today… so, why not? 😉

5. OPI mini nail lacquer in “I Theodora you”: A pretty pink shade from the same 2012 collection… This has gotten a bit clumpy (not a lot of complaining there because it’s two years old!), but I’m never happy with their brushes! They’re too tiny, even for the mini bottles! It makes it so hard to avoid streaking… I seriously hope OPI would change their brushes… I had to apply 3 coats to avoid streaking and reach decent opacity!


(Other base products used: (not photographed) Make Up Forever HD foundation in N125, Guerlain mini météorites, MAC brow pencil in Black & L’oreal Super fine gel liner in black with L’oreal Kajal Magique liner in black)

So make up was done, all errands done… next up on the list is this Death by Chocolate cake!!!!

I’ve been dying to bake this cake ever since my bestie gave me its cupcakes a few days back, and I ‘ve been missing baking soooo much! I find baking to be so relaxing… so my sweet girlfriend told me the link for the recipe (check… and I’m sharing it with you… Do try baking this… it’s HEAVENLY!!!!

Yeah, so now I’m waiting till it finishes baking so that I can sit back and watch a movie, eating this gooey chocolate heaven, because I was a little productive on my blog and in my kitchen after a looong time!

So how did you spend your Saturday? Let me know…

See you soon…


Neth Mi

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